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BMW Mini Cooper
How to soften the ride on F56 JCW Mini Cooper hardtop
Created: January 31, 2019
If you think your MINI Cooper F56 JCW is simply too harsh for day to day driving, we have a few suggestion that could help. Wheels, tires & shocks will all make a big difference- ask the experts at
Mini Cooper Suspension Specifications 2002-2007
Created: January 10, 2019
Specifications for Camber, caster and toe-in/out for both front and rear suspension of the 2002 thru 2007 BMW Mini Cooper.
Mini Cooper Powerflex Polyurethane Suspension Bushings
Created: March 30, 2016
New cars can benefit from Powerflex bushings because their superior design offers more effective control of the suspension components to a much greater extent than normal rubber items.
Shocks and Struts Application Guide for MINI Cooper
Created: January 22, 2016
Mini Cooper shocks, struts, coil overs, springs, kits, cambers, control arms, bars, repair parts and more.
MINI Cooper Control Arm Bushings
Created: June 23, 2015
The MINI Cooper suspension utilizes rubber bushing in both the front and rear control arms. The factory original bushing typically last about 60K miles before you might notice a few clunks and/or squeaks while driving. They are basically used to isolate the different parts from each other and to prevent sound and vibrations coming from the road and tires to travel through the rest of the car. Worn-out front control arm bushing will result in increasing less responsive steering.
MINI Cooper Sway Bar
Created: December 19, 2014
In a front-wheel drive car, all of the steering and power comes from the front wheels. The usual result is that the typical front-wheel car has a tendency to understeer. If the car is going to fast, or turned too abruptly when entering a corner, the car will push ahead in a straight line, rather than turning to follow the direction of the front wheels.  Understeer is what occurs when a car steers less than (under) the amount commanded by the driver. Understeer is a good thing for the average driver turning the average corner, since the car is less likely to swerve or skid, should the driver turn the steering wheel too far or too fast. In fact, even most modern rear-wheel cars are engineered to have a little understeer.
MINI Cooper Suspension Setup Koni Suggestions
Created: September 25, 2009
Suggested Adjustment Procedure for Road Course Use
KONI 28 Series Race Shocks
Created: September 23, 2009
The 28 Series is a line of mono-tube shocks and struts specifically designed for competition purposes, featuring individual external adjustments for compression and rebound forces. 
MINI Cooper Performance Spring Kit and Shock Upgrades
Created: May 27, 2009
Two suspension components have the most direct effect on ride quality and handling performance, the springs and the shocks. The length and resilience of the springs determines how easily and how far the body will move when the wheels hit a bump or when weight is transferred in acceleration, braking,.
MINI Cooper OEM Front Strut Brace Installation Instructions
Created: November 15, 2017
Position, adjust, & secure, your MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S new front suspension/strut brace with these instructions. This brace will clear the JCW cold air intake. Call Mini Mania now for expert advice! Fits 07-13 R56 MINI Cooper & S Hardtop, 08-14 R55 MINI Cooper & S Clubman, 09-15 R57 MINI Cooper & S Convertible
Find the best MINI Cooper Rear Sway Bar
Created: March 29, 2016
The Mini Cooper Rear Sway Bar or more accurately, the 'rear anti-sway bar' is the rear suspension component that connects between the rear suspension and chassis. Its primary purpose is to reduce the body roll as you enter a corner so your Mini can carry higher speeds through the corner.
Find the correct MINI Cooper Adjustable Rear Control Arms
Created: March 09, 2016
Mini Cooper Rear Adjustable Control Arms - when you need them, what to look for, and what is available. See why you need rear adjustable
Mini Cooper Shocks, Struts, Coilovers from KW Suspensions
Created: January 22, 2016
Performance Coilover products from KW Automotive for any MINI! For many years, KW automotive GmbH is the epitome for premium products in car tuning and automobile refinement.
Mini Cooper Shocks, Struts, Coilovers from Bilstein
Created: December 24, 2015
Read about Mini Cooper products from Bilstein. BILSTEIN has been closely associated with high tech in the field of suspension design, driving comfort and safety.
MINI Cooper NM Rear sway Bar 22mm Installation Instructions
Created: February 22, 2013
MINI Cooper Rear Sway Bar can be easy to install with good instructions- ask the pros at
MINI Cooper Adjustable Front Drop Links Installation
Created: February 22, 2013
NM Engineering’s Premium FRONT Adjustable Sway Bar End Links or Drop Links provides these benefits: * Direct transmission of suspension movements to the sway bar * Can eliminate sway bar pre-loading to compensate for poorly manufactured sway bars
Created: January 17, 2013
Removing Old Bushes