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Created: December 28, 2012
JCW Models for 2013
Created: June 21, 2012
The HP figure will remain at 211 hp (208 for the US) for the R5X range of JCW cars. Furthermore we’ve heard rumors from well placed sources that the US spec JCW Countryman may also end up with 208 hp rather than the higher 218hp figure seen in Europe.
Created: May 17, 2012
Important information you need to know about your Warranty and Routine Maintenance.
Countryman Coupe spotted!
Created: May 09, 2012
Mini’s lineup continues to grow, and as this test mule shot by our spy photographer indicates, the brand’s forthcoming seventh model looks to be just around the corner.
MINI Coupe Performance Package from AC Schnitzer
Created: February 02, 2012
BMW Group tuning specialist AC Schnitzer has gotten a hold of a 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe and has wasted no time getting to know it personally.
MINI's clean slate in 2013, thanks to BMW
Created: January 27, 2012
BMW intends to share platforms and engines going forward And while we’ve known for some time the generalities of the plans, we’re starting to get a much a much better view of the future.
MINI brings a Diesel Countryman .. a Rumor?
Created: January 16, 2012
Since the moment the first MINI diesel was released in Europe, US MINI enthusiasts have been wondering when they could share in the diesel love. It would now appear that the answer is 2013
MINI Clubman Cargo Van revealed
Created: January 05, 2012
MINI intends on showing a cargo van version of the current Clubman in late February at the Geneva Motor Show.
MINI Countryman John Cooper Works coming
Created: December 20, 2011
Officially, Mini is remaining quiet on exact technical specifications of the model ahead of its Geneva reveal. Insiders have hinted that the JCW is in line for a significant power hike
 MINI USA Sales up! Record November SALES
Created: December 07, 2011
WOW! MINI’s incredible 70% increase in sales for the US. Now it’s worldwide sales. The MINI brand recorded its best November.
Importance of MINI Cooper Snow tires
Created: November 28, 2011
With our own winter tires arriving today we thought it appropriate to talk about why you should consider winter tires if you live in the snow-belt
MINI Countryman too small for USA?
Created: November 28, 2011
According to research MINI USA has just received, the number one complaint from US about the MINI Countryman is that it’s too small.
The New 2012 Mini Coupe John Cooper Works
Created: November 04, 2011
2012 Mini Coupe first debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009.The new MINI coupe version will hit the dealerships at the end of 2011.
Mini Meet West 2012
Created: October 13, 2011
Mini Meet West 2012 will take place in Prescott Valley.  Prescott Valley is in Central Arizona and although it is only 90 miles north of Phoenix the average June temperature is 75 to 85 degrees.
Winterize your Mini - Checklist
Created: October 13, 2011
Mini Mania's 12-point Winterization Checklist
MINI goes to India in 2012
Created: September 22, 2011
Mini Cooper, an icon that's hard to miss is looking geared up for the Indian car market sometime in 2012.
New Zealand's Nelson Hartley Goes for Speed
Created: September 20, 2011
Come August next year and Nelson will be behind the wheel of a Mini screeching across the Bonneville salt flats in Utah chasing four world land-speed records.
Mini is adored by Richard Hammond of Top Gear
Created: September 15, 2011
how in the name of all that's holy did Alec Issigonis and his team manage to take one massive leap with the original Mini in 1959?
The TOP 100 Greatest cars of all time
Created: August 23, 2011
This is the definitive list to end all 100 Greatest Cars lists. You'll never have to read another list, and this list is absolutely, scientifically, precisely and transcendently correct. That is until next millenia..
Romeo Ferrrari's 150th Celebratory MINI Countryman
Created: August 16, 2011
The MINI Countryman may be, you know, British, but that hasn’t stopped Italian tuning house Romeo Ferraris from creating a special edition in celebration of Italy’s 150th anniversary as a nation.
MINI gets a TUMI Makeover and Luggage
Created: August 15, 2011
"MINI Goes TUMI", this collaboration will explore the reach of creativity and design, along with art and technology, with the appointment of a MINI One Clubman and MINI Cooper S Clubman
MINI Goodwood shows off
Created: July 21, 2011
It’s no secret that MINI knows how to throw a party.
2011 MINI Secret Colors
Created: July 21, 2011
MINI Yours is introducing two exclusive colors for 2012 that will be available on all MINIs coming out of the Oxford Plant.
2011 JCW package or ?
Created: July 20, 2011
What happens at the factory to make the JCW the fire-breather that it is? For a start, lighter seventeen-inch wheels shield four-piston Brembo brakes and
MINI released in Indonesia
Created: July 20, 2011
BMW AG plans to launch its Mini brand in Indonesia later this week at the Indonesia International Motor Show in Jakarta.
Lottery winner: Im buying a MINI!
Created: June 29, 2011
"I managed to keep the news to myself all day but Hilary and I celebrated with a bottle of champagne when I got home that night before calling Camelot first thing on Monday morning."
Dairy Queen substitutes MINI for the cherry on top
Created: June 24, 2011
Most people are content with M&Ms or cookie dough on top of their Dairy Queen Blizzards. Nick Kallies of Golden Valley topped his with a Mini Cooper.
New 2012 R58 MINI Coupe unveiled
Created: June 23, 2011
MINI is expanding its product family with the launch of a model geared squarely to maximizing driving fun.
2012 MINI JCW Coupe endurance debut
Created: June 23, 2011
Today takes the wraps off of one of the most ambitious motorsport projects from the brand yet. This weekend MINI will be tackling the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring
AC Schnitzer Eagle is one mean MINI
Created: June 20, 2011
The fastest MINI comes from Aachen: the AC Schnitzer Eagle With a sensational lap time of 1:13.341 min., the new “AC Schnitzer Eagle” concept vehicle (based on John Cooper Works MINI) showed its competitors a clean pair of heels in a direct comparison around the Hockenheim Circuit.
MINI Drivers for its 24 Hours of Nurburgring Team
Created: June 20, 2011
Official news from MINI Motorsports: For the first time Dörr Motorsport starts a MINI at the legendary 24h race Nürburgring this year. In the background of this, Dörr cleverly promotes young long-distance drivers.
MINI's on the Ring.
Created: June 20, 2011
As we gear up for MINI’s run at the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring this weekend we thought we’d give you a quick overview of the track courtesy of Vimeo member Ozan Halici. This video (shot with four Gopro cameras) captures the track and the danger incredibly well.
MINI Team Principle Q&A of the 24hr Green Hell
Created: June 17, 2011
On June 25th, the official MINI Motorsports team, three privateer MINI teams and as many as 200 other competitors will race a grueling 24 hours at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.
AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper JCW Eagle
Created: June 17, 2011
Tuners are now giving names to their car! We just looked at the Whitestorm, and now check out the MINI Cooper Eagle by AC Schinitzer.
NEW MINI Cooper Coupe S - No more hiding!
Created: June 17, 2011
Someone snuck in somewhere they shouldn’t have been and snapped the best pics yet of the forthcoming MINI Coupe.
MINI JCW GP(?) test car spotted
Created: June 17, 2011
Since 2008 we’ve heard rumblings of a higher performance JCW model (in the vein of the 2006 GP) that would close out the R56′s production cycle.
Spacebox concept the future of Paceman & Countryman
Created: June 17, 2011
he MINI (MAT) is the genesis of the Spacebox concept – some have dubbed MINI caveman because of it’s “cavernous” space in the interior (hah-hah) . But if you want to give it it’s final market term it will be called the MINI Traveller
2012 JCW Coupe Test Drive
Created: June 17, 2011
Driveline choices are unchanged from the rest of the Mini lineup, which is to say, everything from ordinary (122-hp Cooper) to feisty (208-hp John Cooper Works). Europe gets a 143-hp diesel four that Americans will never, ever see.
Paddy Hopkirk time warp with MINI WRC
Created: June 10, 2011
Monte Carlo winners Paddy Hopkirk and Rauno Aaltonen and MINI’s motorsport heritage in the 60′s. It’s a fun romp through the past that hopefully mirrors future success.
MINI sales are up almost 50% for 2011
Created: June 10, 2011
MINI USA reported sales of 5,801 cars in May – an increase of 37%. For the year things look even better with sales up an incredible 46.3%.
BMW confirms new MINI built in UK
Created: June 10, 2011
The BMW Group has announced today an additional £500 million investment in its UK production network over the next three years and confirmed that the UK will be a production location for its next generation MINI models.
MINI's personal campaign
Created: June 10, 2011
Take a Facebook campaign, add an on-site photo booth, then a huge screen on one of Berlin’s busiest city squares, and you’ve got MINI’s “It’s Personal” campaign.
MINI Rocketman halted!!
Created: June 10, 2011
An interview with BMW/MINI leadership that while the recent BMW investment in UK manufacturing may spawn as many as 10 MINI variants, the Rocketman Concept will not be among them.
MINI takes top 4 places on best MPG Sports Car
Created: June 10, 2011
Sports cars are designed to be driven hard and fast and thus any that are worthy of the name are likely not going to be high on anyone's list of fuel-efficient transportation choices.
24 hours on the Green Hell in a new MINI
Created: June 09, 2011
On June 25th, the official MINI Motorsports team, three privateer MINI teams and as many as 200 other competitors will race a grueling 24 hours at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.
Vilner MINI - Better than the Rolls-Royce Goodwood
Created: June 03, 2011
If you've got the cash, you could always upgrade to the Goodwood edition to have an interior outfitted by the same people who trim the cabin of a Rolls-Royce. But if that's not your cup of Earl Gray, Bulgarian customizer Vilner has got a package that could be more up your alley
Created: May 24, 2011
U.S. safety regulators have upgraded an investigation into almost 60,000 BMW (BMWG.DE) Mini cars for a potential steering problem associated with five minor crashes.
BMW & MINI Win Engine of the Year in Multiple Categories
Created: May 20, 2011
BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and the new four-cylinder power unit under the bonnet of the MINI Cooper S also received an Engine of the Year award. The commendation of the award-winners took place during the trade fair “Engine Expo” in Stuttgart.
MINI E-Scooter Concept
Created: May 20, 2011
Called the Mini Scooter E Concept, the chrome-flaunting scooters are planned to be shown in three distinct liveries
MINI is now testing the 2012 Roadster and Coupe
Created: May 20, 2011
MINI is now testing the 2012 Roadster and Coupe variants on the Nürburgring circuit.
NEW Product Reviews on the fly
Created: May 19, 2011
If you have purchased any product from Mini Mania, You can Review it. So, Go On! Tell us what you think! Be a Mini Mania(c)!
MINI Rocketman OK'd for Production
Created: May 19, 2011
Initially introduced in a concept form, the Rocketman will be heading for production in 2014.
2012 MINI JCW Coupe
Created: May 17, 2011
We'll have to wait a few months yet to see the Coupe later this summer, and a whole year for the Roadster, but these spy shots show MINI is well on the way to delivering a hot version of the two-seater hard top as well.
Funny man John Cleese caught speeding in his Mini
Created: May 16, 2011
Funny man & actor John Cleese has been charged with speeding.
Mini Mania is in MC2
Created: May 13, 2011
Recently Mini Mania went to Hallet Raceway. It turns out Team Mini Mania was showcased in the magazine all about everything Mini… MC2.
NCA 2011 - Are you coming?
Created: May 12, 2011
Nevada City Adventure 2011 Minis, music, and driving fun highlight this 11th annual springtime event in Northern California.
Mini takes on WRC Challenge
Created: May 10, 2011
Combining speed with reliability is the holy grail of rally car design; a pairing that wins championships.
K.I.S.S. & MINI raise money for UNICEF
Created: May 09, 2011
MINI has partnered with legendary rock band KISS to raise money for UNICEF to help children in Japan and emergencies around the globe.
Created: May 09, 2011
MINI Connected gives drivers an even more intense experience of limitless driving fun, and allows that experience to be tailored to personal preferences and even shared with other users.
Rolls Royce Mini: The Goodwood
Created: May 03, 2011
MINI has a new limited edition: "The Goodwood" a Rolls-Royce-fettled Cooper S that could carry a price tag as high as
Denise McCluggage - Racing Legend & Journalist
Created: April 28, 2011
Journalist. Race car driver. Sports reporter. Photographer. Intellectual. And friend to about a zillion people. Denise McCluggage has worn all these hats; many of them so very well.
Speed Dating!
Created: April 28, 2011
Girls, do you want to win at the speed dating game? Then be seen in a white MINI Cooper S!
Women and the Mini Contest
Created: April 25, 2011
Winners get Gift Cards good for anything Mini, Accessories, Parts, You name it!!
 Run Flat Tires Explained for MINI Coopers
Created: April 22, 2011
Most everyone dreads a flat tire. Not only are they inconvenient, but drivers who haven't experienced a blowout at speed wonder how they'd react...Run Flat Tires - Explained De-Mystified
a MINI mobile home, in a mini trailer
Created: April 21, 2011
The beauty of this house-on-wheels lies in the fact that its compact and yet boats of ample living quarters. You will find a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen and an office in the 252° Living Area: Mobile Mini House.
a MINI Bike for your MINI boot
Created: April 21, 2011
a MINI Bike for your MINI boot With city traffic more congested than ever, MINI is offering up a solution to urban parking overcrowding: the MINI Folding Bike.
New MINI Coupes are ordered from USA Dealers
Created: April 20, 2011
New MINI Coupes are ordered from USA Dealers According to reports, Mini USA dealers have officially ordered their launch units of the Mini Coupe.
Created: April 18, 2011
a MINI by SAAB? Saab is lining up an audacious bid to buy the rights to the outgoing BMW Mini platform, according to sources.
Nearly Half of new MINI customers are Women
Created: April 18, 2011
Nearly Half of new MINI customers are Women Since the last four years, the number of women purchasing cars  has steadily increased as a percentage of total sales. According to Polk
The Super Mini Cooper
Created: April 15, 2011
The Super Mini CooperWith its great gas mileage and BMW-like handling, the Cooper S is the perfect fun-to-drive car for a fuel-conscious age. The Good: Fuel efficiency, quickness, practicality in a small package The Bottom Line: A green machine with pizzazz
Melissa Messinger wins a Mini Countryman!
Created: April 05, 2011
MANATEE, FL - Dairy Queen has come to mean a lot to Melissa Messinger.The Sarasota resident got her first job 22 years ago as a 16-year-old at Dairy Queen.Then she met the man who would be her husband there two years later.And just a few weeks ago, she received a real Dairy Queen treat -- a blue 2011 Mini Cooper.
BMW's DriveNow like ZipCar only better?
Created: April 05, 2011
BMW's DriveNow like ZipCar only better? More signs that the era of the personal automobile may be slowly coming to an end: BMW is launching an interesting new car-sharing system in Munich next month, with plans to bring it worldwide.
Mini Cooper S Hybrid All Wheel Drive: Spotted!
Created: April 05, 2011
Mini Cooper S Hybrid All Wheel Drive: Spotted! Proving that you can pack a lot of technology and hardware into a small package, we’ve come across photos of what appears to be a hybrid version of the Mini Cooper S.
MINI at the Red Bull Crushed Ice
Created: March 24, 2011
MINI at the Red Bull Crushed Ice Just when you thought MINI could not possibly be any more ‘fun’ – they go ahead and join the most adrenaline-packed sport this side of skinny dipping water volleyball in a shark tank.
MINI & Rolls Royce "Goodwood" Revealed
Created: March 23, 2011
MINI & Rolls Royce "Goodwood" Revealed It’s been years in the making but a special edition MINI co-developed by MINI Yours and Rolls Royce will be unveiled next month. We’ve held information on the car close to the vest for quite awhile but with the recent leak of the debut date we thought it appropriate to give you a little tease.
MINI is #1 in JD Power Report
Created: March 23, 2011
MINI is #1 in JD Power Report The survey covers five main areas: quality of work done, ease in getting appointments, the performance of the service adviser, the facilities themselves, and the experience of receiving your vehicle again. Congrats to MINI for coming out on top.
Mini Mania "MINI in the Snow Photo Contest"
Created: March 22, 2011
  Mini Mania "MINI in the Snow Contest" We held a Photo Contest on or Facebook page recently. We started the contest in February, and recieved entries until March. We wanted to see your MINI playing in the snow.
2011 Mini Cooper S : On The Road
Created: March 18, 2011
My customary reaction to winter driving has been equally consistent. As one who reviews vehicles for a living, I would load up with every all-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive car, crossover, sport-ute or truck I could get my hands on. Pragmatically, it seemed like the best defence against the slippy-slide season.
MINI to repeat history with Winning Numbers
Created: March 18, 2011
MINI to repeat history with Winning Numbers The MINI WRC Team is planning to carry numbers 37 and 52 on their MINI John Cooper Works WRCs in this year's World Rally Championship.
Cooper Bike, for your MINI cooper
Created: March 15, 2011
Cooper Bike, for your MINI cooper Cooper Bikes, founded by Michael Cooper almost two years ago, is launching seven models of commuter, lifestyle bikes into North America.
Get Connected: MINI Link App
Created: March 11, 2011
Get Connected: MINI Link App As if motoring in a MINI wasn’t awesome enough, now there’s an app that makes it even better.
2011 Mini Countryman Scores High on Crash Tests
Created: March 08, 2011
The New 2011 Mini Countryman proves saftey record. The Countryman is the first Mini model to get the award. In the past, the Mini Cooper hardtop earned scores of Acceptable in side crash tests and roof-strength tests.
The "Chateau Mini" Clubman by Aznom
Created: March 08, 2011
The "Chateau Mini" Clubman by Aznom  Aznom is proud to present the “Chateau Minì” based on the BMW Mini Clubman
MINI Clubman
Created: March 08, 2011
MINI Clubman "S" more charming than a Countryman? With the launch of its new Countryman, the Mini brand is expanding its model lineup, adding a max-y Mini to a model series that includes the mini Mini Cooper hatch and the midi Mini Cooper Clubman.
New Head of Design at MINI
Created: March 07, 2011
New Head of Design at MINI His new role as Head of Design at MINI is the biggest challenge of his career and for a designer, a dream come true. To learn more about MINI car design, future design languages and the hype behind MINI brand.
2011 MINI Cooper SD spotted in Geneva
Created: March 04, 2011
2011 MINI Cooper SD seen in Geneva Powered by an also new 2.0 liter engine with 143 horsepower, the Cooper SD has brought another wave of driving fun and individuality in the premium brand’s hallmark styl
MINI Rocketman Concept REVEALED
Created: February 23, 2011
MINI Rocketman Concept premiered at Geneva Auto Show 2011 MINI has taken the wraps off of a completely new concept that takes the brand into familiar yet uncharted territory.
Diesel fuel: Economical but with what side effects?
Created: February 22, 2011
Diesel fuel: Economical but with what side effects? Filling one’s tank with diesel does not require a different technique, and there are diesel fueling stations in all 50 states.
Ultimate Throne - Mini Style
Created: February 22, 2011
Designer turns Mini into Ultimate Chair Designer David Gawthorpe has created the ultimate boys’ toy out of one of the best-known classic motors. His entertainment chair is made to look like the front end of a black Mini Cooper.
MINI Dealership to be Mecca for the MINI
Created: February 22, 2011
MINI Dealership to be Mecca for the MINI From the second story of the 20,000-square-foot dealership a variety of Coopers will be showcased in a massive display window. Besides the "bird perch" display window, the two-story location will include 13 service bays. It sits on a 2-acre tract.
Mini Thunder II - weekend pics
Created: February 22, 2011
2012 Mini Coupe and Roadster Spy Photos
Created: February 18, 2011
Our spy shooters have gotten the first glimpse of these two-seaters looking nearly ready to hit the assembly line.
Radical Changes For MINI In 2013?
Created: February 18, 2011
The iconic original Mini, of British Motor Corporation origin, is inimitable in its proportion and style. The new BMW MINI, as much as it pays homage to the original, is an entirely different beast. The next-gen MINI will take the car's design even farther, however, according to the latest reports.
Just in: Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4
Created: February 11, 2011
Just in: Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 I picked up our new Mini Countryman and delivered it to the test track earlier this week, and frankly came away not quite ready to give up the keys.
Revised Mini JCW kit even sportier
Created: February 11, 2011
Revised Mini JCW kit even sportier Mini DNA has always had a sports gene running through it - now BMW has brought that out even more strongly with the upgraded factory-fit John Cooper Works pack for the Mini and Mini Convertible.
The Peninsula Got a Mini!
Created: February 10, 2011
The Peninsula Hotel in New York just got even better! Situated right off Fifth Avenue in the middle of mid-Manhattan's shopping mecca, the hotel is now providing new bespoke Mini Cooper S Clubman Cars for guests who stay at one of its suites. It’s complimentary, of course!
Created: February 08, 2011
CoverEFX Mini Cooper Works
Created: February 07, 2011
CoverEFX Mini Cooper Works Cover EFX realized every tuner works on a number of key points when they work on a vehicle, but that seemed a bit too ordinary for them!
MINI in 2011: More power, more sportiness, more individuality.
Created: February 03, 2011
MINI in 2011: More power, more sportiness, more individuality. Premiere of the MINI Cooper SD with 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine and 105 kW/143 hp – John Cooper Works Pack for the MINI and MINI Convertible – MINI Yours presents the MINI Clubman Hampton special edition.
Created: February 02, 2011
Mini Countryman WRC shown Mini has launched the latest development version of its new Countryman WRC car in Monte Carlo.
Created: February 02, 2011
No this isn’t the first time we’ve read an official press release on this topic. But now BMW and PSA feel compelled to talk a bit more about their plans. However while some of these goals in may sound a bit lofty, what’s really happening here are two companies coming together to share a hybrid powerplant.
Is The New Fiat More Adorable Than Your MINI?
Created: February 02, 2011
What do you think? Fiat v. MINI, who wins? Sound off in the comments below!
Created: February 02, 2011
World Premier: JCW Pack & 2011 JCW Tuning Kit Much like the M Sport packages from BMW M that’s offered on non M cars, JCW now has a ‘Pack” for non JCW models.
Created: February 02, 2011
The countdown is on to the return of MINI on the international motorsport stage. Today marks the official start of MINI marketing of the team and the car. But the real work has been ongoing at Prodrive for well over a year. This official release contains details, photos, driver profiles and even a couple of Q&As with MINI and BMW executives.
MINI launches New "Matte" Cooper
Created: January 26, 2011
MINI has announced plans to offer a limited edition Cooper Hatch with unique tweaks and accents
Mini to get "big design leap"
Created: January 26, 2011
BMW Group design boss Adrian van Hooydonk has revealed that the next-gen Mini will be a “bigger design leap than the last one".
Paddy Hopkirk tests MINI’s new World Rally Car
Created: January 20, 2011
Last week, 47 years after his landmark victory at the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally, Hopkirk took a ride in the firm’s latest rally challenger, the MINI Countryman WRC, alongside factory team driver Kris Meeke.
Mini Cooper Clubman S by Schmidt Revolution
Created: January 14, 2011
Mini Cooper Clubman S by Schmidt Revolution Wheel manufacturer Schmidt Revolution has prepared a custom Mini Cooper Clubman S by applying the Urban Lifestyle tuning package and called it the STREETWORKER. The Mini Cooper Clubman S by Schmidt Revolution comes with
Has BMW finally admitted to a Torque steer issue with the MINI?
Created: August 25, 2010
With the release of the features and upgrades for the 2011 model year MINI Cooper BMW has taunted the near elimination of torque steering on our front wheel drive rocket ships.  This while never admitting that was a problem with the design from the very beginning.  When a change is positioned as a feature rather than a fix I suppose you limit your liability for past problems.
Created: November 06, 2008
BMW and MINI brand models stand for boundless driving pleasure and high level of customer satisfaction worldwide. During the course of the Mondial de l'Automobile 2008 in Paris (4th - 19th October, 2008), the BMW Group has received two awards.
Created: October 23, 2008
Spy shots: First prototype for MINIs new crossover
Created: August 08, 2008
Created: August 06, 2008
Mini Convertible comes off the production line
Created: July 23, 2008
Created: July 23, 2008
Created: May 08, 2008
Aznom presents the Chateau Minì
Park Lane MINI’s Dreamline Color Option
Created: April 16, 2008
Mini Cooper Paint: multiple layers of metallic paint that actually gave the finished car a different color depending on the angle viewed from
Created: April 04, 2008
Created: March 26, 2008
So which car gets you the most friends? Carcraft has ranked the ten models with the largest number of Facebook fans, and the winner is (of course) the Mini Cooper, boasting 310 fan groups with over 23,000 members.
Created: January 23, 2008
Created: January 16, 2008
NAIAS '08 MINI Press Conference Transcript
Created: December 17, 2007
First generation BMW MINI Cooper Clubman bring 5 doors and lots of fun!
Created: December 11, 2007
Created: December 10, 2007
MINI Clubman has been on sale for less than a month and is proving a huge hit with the British public
Created: October 22, 2007
Mini dealers stage special events
Created: November 06, 2006
Created: January 28, 2006
Quaife Engineering's automotive performance product range covers: ATB Differentials for road and motorsport use Performance gear kits for cars, motorcycles and motorcycle engined cars Replacement race / rally gear boxes Specialist reversing boxes and gear trains for niche vehicles Uprated drive shafts & half shafts Complete heavy duty axle kits Four wheel drive systems GT sports racing cars in either 2 or 4WD
Created: January 28, 2006
That story began forty years ago when engineering entrepreneur Rod Quaife acted upon a chance suggestion from Norton motorcycle specialist Ray Petty. It was tempting enough for Rod to change his strategy he was then involved in and began afresh to specialise in motorcycle gearbox design and production. Enthusiasm and skill made good any financial shortcomings in these early days, and soon the new company - known as RT Quaife Engineering Ltd - began producing the first Quaife transmissions that converted four speed Norton gearboxes into five speed units. Motorsport success soon followed, culminating in John Cooper testing at the TT on a Quaife equipped 350 Norton in 1967.
Created: January 04, 2006
Created: November 03, 2005
Spread the word, there's a new Mini magazine in town. It's called MC2 (as in "Energy equals") and is North America's first independent magazine dedicated to both the Classic and New Minis.
Created: July 25, 2004
GoMini is the new magazine for owners and drivers of the New Mini. Each issue is packed with colourful and informative features on Minis from the UK and around the world, plus innovations from stylists and tuners, and news and gossip from the scene.
Created: September 30, 2003
Created: April 03, 2002
Here's the lowdown on the lack of MINI dealers in the Lone Star State, as well as an overview of MINI's marketing plan and some miscellaneous fun facts.
Created: December 18, 2001
An enterprising limousine service in Berkshire offers New MINIs for rent by the day!
Created: July 09, 2001
Here are BMW’s official answers to key questions that motorists are asking about the New Mini.
Created: June 30, 2001
The New Mini seems to have have deserved all the hype surrounding it, it really is a stonking car! To make the car even more attractive
Created: June 27, 2001
MINI One and MINI Cooper go on sale on July 7 and come with a vast array of options to add a personal touch to each car. Mini owners have always enjoyed personalising
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Created: June 26, 2001
CAP MONITOR predicts the new Mini will have no problem holding its value in the used market. It will have some of the best values in the sector.
Created: June 19, 2001
The long awaited official list of U.S. MINI dealers is now available. Here's a full list of contacts....
Created: June 13, 2001
The MINI's insurance ratings have been announced and, says BMW, are a reflection of the car's technically advanced engineering.
Created: January 10, 2001
The only son of racing legend John Cooper has pledged to keep his father's business going. His vow follows the death, shortly after Christmas, of the man who made the Mini a motoring icon.