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MINI Cooper OEM Rear Bumper Clear Protection Install Instructions
Created: November 22, 2017
Protect your MINI Cooper's rear bumper, or 'boot sill,' from nicks and scrapes with this clear protection strip. All materials included - you supply a sponge, water, and blow dryer as shown in these step by step instructions. Call Mini Mania today!
MINI Cooper Heat Insulation Replacement Instructions
Created: November 09, 2017
Protect your bonnet scoop from the turbo with these straightforward instructions for replacing the heat insulation in your R56 MINI Cooper hood. This insulation deflects heat away from the scoop to prevent melting.
MINI Cooper Spoiler Kit Installation Instructions
Created: November 09, 2017
Mini Cooper Spoiler Jcw Aero Kit Oem for Gen 2 R56 models. Complete factory instruction from the experts at Mini Mania.com
MINI Cooper Gas Cap Installation Instructions NMX1050 Upgrade
Created: April 29, 2005
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GAS CAP UPGRADE MINI MANIA PART NUMBER NMX1050 Download These Instructions in PDF Format for Printing Thank you for purchasing the Gas Cap Upgrade from Mini Mania.