How-To Install a Turbocharger-2012 JCW MINI Cooper N14 Engine
Created: July 29, 2019
In this video we replace the factory turbocharger with a higher spec JM Turbocharger, replace the charge pipe and factory down pipe, and modify the front of the exhaust system on our R58 JCW MINI Cooper Coupe.
Turbo Installation Hardware for your MINI Cooper
Created: March 18, 2016
Mini Cooper Turbo Installation hardware applications guide lists turbo related hardware you might need when you service the turbo
Guide on How to Find the Right Turbo for MINI Cooper S or JCW
Created: June 25, 2015
Browse our Mini Cooper Turbo Application Guide. When replacing a Turbo, there are many options to choose from. This chart shows which turbos are appropriate for the type of replacement and the applicable model years. It helps making finding your turbo easy.
MINI Cooper Turbo Heatshield Installation
Created: February 27, 2015
The M7 Aerogel Turbo Heatshield is designed to fit over the stock turbo using pre-existing mounting points.
MINI Cooper Turbo Porting Benefits
Created: December 18, 2014
Porting of the Turbocharger lowers both incoming and outgoing air temps, increases air volume, speeds up the air, and increases efficiency so your turbocharger can hold a stable target boost pressure and max flow to red-line.
MINI Cooper S Turbo Upgrade Offer
Created: December 08, 2014
Two excellent Turbo upgrades for your MINI Cooper S
MINI Cooper Turbocharger Replacement and Upgrade Options
Created: September 15, 2014
MINI Cooper Turbocharger Replacement and Upgrade Options from Mini Mania
Mini Cooper Turbo Replacement / Upgrade: PRE-INSTALLATION NOTES
Created: October 28, 2013
TURBO PRE-INSTALLATION NOTES for JMTC Turbocharger Upgrades and Replacements. WARNING, PLEASE READ THESE IMPORTANT NOTES!Failure to heed these warnings can void your JMTC TurboCharger Warranty. See also:Turbocharger installation and Warranty information, Turbocharger Upgrade Technology...
Turbocharger Installation and warranty information.
Created: October 28, 2013
Before installing your new turbocharger always take a few important steps to increase the life of the turbocharger.
GT Dominator™ Turbocharger Upgrade MINI Cooper
Created: September 06, 2013
The JMTC Billet GT Dominator™ is designed to outperform the GT28 Turbo upgrade in performance, value, and ease of installation. This is a true 'bolt-on' upgrade!
MINI Cooper Turbocharger Upgrade Technology
Created: July 03, 2013
Read below for some of the technologies involved in an 'upgraded' turbocharger and why they result in improved performance.
MINI Cooper Hi-Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe Installation Instructions
Created: February 22, 2013
Installation instructions for the Hi_flow Turbo Outlet Pipe
NM Turbo Heat Shield Installation Instructions for R55, R56, R57
Created: February 22, 2013
NM Turbo Heat Shield Installation Instructions for R55, R56, R57