Mini Cooper Quicksilver California Spec Exhaust Review
Created: March 14, 2016
Mini Cooper Quicksilver California Spec Exhaust review
Mini Cooper Cold Start Rattle
Created: July 02, 2015
Mini Cooper Cold Start Rattle. Some of the early production Mini Cooper S models have been known to exhibit the 'Cold Start Rattle'. This typically occurs when the engine is cold and makes the sounds like an old diesel engine upon startup.
MINI Cooper Engine Comparison N14 vs N18
Created: March 05, 2015
The Mini Cooper engine comparison allows for a better understanding of the N14 and N18 engines from BMW
Gen I MINI Cooper ODBII Powertrain codes
Created: November 26, 2013
Gen I MINI Cooper ODBII Powertrain codes Created: November 26, 2013 The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) developed the ODB II system and they specified that diagnostic codes comprise 5 digits. The basic scheme is as follows:
Mini Cooper Fault Error Codes
Created: November 25, 2013
ODBII powertrain DTC codes for Gen 2 MINI Coopers
Detailing The Engine & Under The Hood
Created: January 25, 2011
Did you know a detailed engine increases the resale value of your car?  It's a well-known fact that people who take the time and effort to detail their engines also take better care of their cars.
Mini Cooper DSC & ASC explained
Created: November 30, 2010
You've had some questions regarding Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) & Automatic Stability Control (ASC). We here at Mini Mania would like to present the following information for your consideration. ASC/DSC EXPLAINED for the MINI;integrated by BMW FUNCTION: ASC & DSC work with the ABS system ...
MINI Cooper ECU Reset Procedure - R50/52/53 MINIs
Created: December 24, 2009
MINI Cooper ECU Reset Procedure - R50/52/53 MINIs, lean from the experts at Mini
Created: October 01, 2009
MINI Cooper Engine Vibration Control
Created: August 20, 2009
This one part can literally make or break your engine By Jeff Huneycutt Photography by Jeff Huneycutt No matter how well-tuned it is, your race engine is a grumbling beast. Consider that there are four controlled explosions with every turn of the crankshaft in a V-8 engine.
Created: April 20, 2009
MINI P2097 SES Emissions Code
R56 MINI Engine Paper
Created: August 08, 2008
R56 MINI Engine Paper
The R53 MINI Cooper S Powertrain
Created: August 08, 2008
Following the Mini One and the Mini Cooper, the top-of-the-range model with a power output of 120 kW is now being launched, MINI COOPER S
ARP Bolts & Fasteners
Created: January 28, 2006
Fastener Retention Overview There are three methods that can be employed to determine how much tension is exerted on a fastener; using a torque wrench, measuring the amount of stretch, and turning the fastener a pre-determined amount (torque angle). Of these methods, use of a stretch gauge is the most accurate.