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Mini Cooper Intake Upgrade Application Guide
Created: April 08, 2016
Mini Cooper Intake Upgrades are designed to improve the flow of air into the engine by replacing the restrictive stock airbox and filter. Gains are typically felt in the mid-to-upper RPM with typical horsepower gains of 4 to 6 HP.
Mini Cooper Turbo Installation Hardware Applications Guide
Created: March 18, 2016
Mini Cooper Turbo Installation hardware applications guide lists turbo related hardware you might need when you service the turbo
Mini Cooper Cold Air Intake K&N Application Guide
Created: February 26, 2016
Cold Air Intake upgrade is one of the simplest performance upgrades you can do to your Mini Cooper and Cooper S. Whether it is a simple filter replacement or a complete Intake Kit, these products are 'bolt-on' solutions with no permanent modifications to the Mini and completely reversible to stock
Mini Cooper Performance Upgrade Kits Gen3
Created: October 28, 2015
Mini Cooper Performance Upgrade Kits including Engine Upgrade kits and Suspension Upgrade Kits.
Mini Cooper Main Bearing Application Guide
Created: October 21, 2015
Mini Cooper Main Bearing Identification Instructions.
Mini Cooper Timing Chain Factory Replacement Application Guide
Created: July 08, 2015
Mini Cooper Timing Chain MINI factory replacement parts. The Timing Chain and related components are typically replaced during an engine overhaul, or if the timing chain 'stretches' beyond acceptable limits. When this happens, the timing chain will start to make 'rattling' sounds.
Mini Cooper Cold Start Rattle
Created: July 02, 2015
Mini Cooper Cold Start Rattle. Some of the early production Mini Cooper S models have been known to exhibit the 'Cold Start Rattle'. This typically occurs when the engine is cold and makes the sounds like an old diesel engine upon startup.
Mini Cooper Air Filter & Oil Filter Application Guide
Created: June 19, 2015
Mini Cooper Filter replacement application guide. There is nothing more important than regular routine maintenance for prolonging the life of your MINI.
Engine Stabliz
Mini Cooper Engine Mount Motor Mount Application Guide
Created: July 01, 2015
Mini Cooper Engine Mount Motor Mount Application Guide. The factory original engine mount is a hydraulic unit that tends to fail over time. If you see a black mess under the engine mount, the fluid has leaked out and it has failed.