MINI bike for your MINI boot - Mini Mania Inc.a MINI Bike for your MINI boot

With city traffic more congested than ever, MINI is offering up a solution to urban parking overcrowding: the MINI Folding Bike. Rather than cram a whole roll of quarters into that parking meter for 15 minutes, park further out and finish your trip on a bicycle. Not just any bicycle, but a rather clever little number that folds up small enough to fit in the boot of your MINI.

The bike folds along the crossbar and handlebars. The saddle retracts and the pedals fold up close to the aluminum frame. This makes the bike extremely easy to handle and saves space. Fitted in a sleeve under the saddle is a fitted transport bag for portaging odds and ends. The MINI Folding Bike claims to match the riding characteristics of a “normal” bike. Weighing less than 24 lbs, the bike is equipped with 8 gears and 20-inch wheels, keeping it quick and versatile. The teflon-coated chain keeps your pants clean and reduces the wear and tear on the components, and the gel saddle keeps things comfortable. The bike also features the customary visibility features and fenders to keep the road off you and your clothes.
MINI bike for your MINI boot - Mini Mania Inc.
Even on two wheels, the MINI design details show through. The bike comes in matte black, and features silver highlights in the MINI lettering on the crossbar. The MINI logo is featured on the handlebars and a monocrhomatic Union Jack motif on the rear forks. The bike chain and bell are the set apart in bold neon yellow.

The MINI Folding Bike will be available in August of this year in select MINI dealers, and at, at an MSRP of about $730. No word yet on US availability.