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Mini Story #1
posted Tuesday 9/4/18

LOL. You ask what "projects" we are working on and I am sure you are thinking about MINI modifications. Does using your Countryman like a truck count? I am building a backyard shed and, except for 600# of siding panels, everything was carried in and on my Countryman. That includes concrete pier blocks, 12' 4x4s, sheets of flooring and roof, 2x4s, 2x3s, and more. That is what I LOVE about my MINI. I can take it for a spin and drive it for fun; and I can load it up and make it be useful. Actually, I am just heading out for more supplies.

Oh, and for variety, I have included the older photo when I was carrying a roll of 6" drain pipe on the roof. That is my favorite.

Mike B.
Vancouver, WA

Mini Story #2
posted Tuesday 9/13/18

This is my 2006 R53. Her name is Valkyrie. I've owned her about 4 years now and I've been slowly building her the whole time.  She's taken me and my family all over the west coast from the north cascade highway at lake Diablo, down the 101 south to California.

My current mods are Alta CAI, Msd ignition, Megan Racing Header, custom exhaust from a local shop, Bosch 550cc injectors, Alta 17% supercharger pully, and a new cylinder head that's making 215hp to the wheels. I plan on keeping this car forever. I love the mini life that comes with it.

I'm part of the League of extraordinary miniacs (LXM) out of Seattle and it's such an amazing group of mini owners. They have great pictures and information about anything mini related.

- Joey L.