How do BMW technicians keep up with expense of all the years, models and constantly changing technology? Answer: With the help of a Peake Research R5/FCX3-U, a two piece tool kit which fits a 20 year span of BMWs!

The R5/FCX3-U is a two piece, NON-OBDII code scanner, which will read and reset BMW factory “dealer” engine codes and reset BMW’s unique dash lights, such as the Oilservice - Inspection and engine lights. Includes a detailed code-book, and fits most models from 1987 to 2007.

What is so great about "NON-OBDII"?

There is a huge difference between OBDII codes and the highly specific “factory” codes. The R5/FCX3-U accesses BMW’s vast array of “factory” diagnostic, analysis and repair codes enjoyed by BMW dealers, where OBDII tools and the misleadingly named “Manufacturer Specific OBDII” tools simply will not. Remember, BMW installed a very narrow range of OBDII codes to obey emissions laws. Beyond government “smog-test” functions, OBDII is likely to report “unknown code” or worse, a misleading code.

If your aim is to reset BMW’s unique brand of dash lights, repair, pinpoint and analyze, there is no substitute for “factory” capable tools like the R5/FCX3-U made by Peake Research Corporation.

A trusted 20-year reputation:

Since 1989, Peake Tools have been the industry-standard when it comes to electronic diagnostics and reset tools for BMWs. Peake Research’s professional quality tools are simply unsurpassed in value, reliability, ease of use and accuracy. Since 1992, if you open a leading BMW service manual, like Robert Bentley, Mitchell, Haynes, Chilton’s, you will see the tools of Peake Research pictured and recommended.

Connect, Select & Go!

Taking less than 30 seconds to use, the R5/FCX3-U requires no batteries, no additional cables, no connectors, no laptop, no software to learn, no special interfaces or downloads. It can only be plugged into one spot, one way. It is truly fool proof - compares in ease with checking your oil, pumping your own gas, etc.

Ordering is easy:

There is an R5-FCX3-U available for your year and model BMW, from 1987-2007.  Your order will include everything you need to read and reset engine codes, as well as a full parts & labor Manufacturer's Warranty. Start enjoying the pinpoint accuracy of factory codes today, order your R5/FCX3-U now!


Affordable – Priced similar to a dealer’s diagnostic fee
Compact – Fits in your glove box
Reads BMW Proprietary “factory” codes specific to your car – not misleading OBDII codes
Displays all engine fault codes.
Resets "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon"
Resets the Oilservice and Inspection mileage reminders on most BMWs
Very easy to use – takes less than 30 seconds
Includes easy to read code chart and instruction manual
Includes storage case
90-Day Manufacturer's Parts & Labor Warranty
Recommended by leading service manuals (Bentley, Mitchell, Haynes, All-Data, Chilton’s, etc.)
No Wasted Time!

Technical Specs

Size:  3.25" x 1.75" diameter with 24” Adapter Cable
Weight: 177g (8.7oz)(with manual and case)
Compatibility (years):  1987-2007 (see “Connection” next and note 1)
Connection: R5/FCX3 Connects to the round under-hood plug. The R5/FCX3-16 connects to the under-dash plug (see note 1) R5/FCX3-U covers both.
Compatible Makes & Nations: BMW only / all nations
Diagnostic range:  Reads BMW engine fault codes that trigger the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon warning lights
Reset Functions: Resets the engine fault codes and Check Engine/Service Engine Soon Lights; Oilservice/Inspection reminders/countdown lights to 2005
Communication:  Will not program or disturb existing firmware
Construction: High impact plastic, gold plated internal connections; 16 bit CPU
Documentation: 44 page, printed paper, code definition / user manual
Storage Case: Included

Note 1:  In cars with dual connectors (under-dash + under-hood) the car’s under-dash plug has no reset connections! So you MUST use the “under-hood” connection.

(Example: All BMWs 1996 – 1999, All Z3s and all 740i’s regardless of year are dual connector cars. Also note that X5’s and many three series up to mid 2001 are dual connector). Check the car before ordering.

Peake Tool Functionality Checklist

Easy Operation: Yes (extremely)
Read BMW Proprietary codes: Yes
Read the same codes the dealer sees: Yes
Read the same number of engine codes as dealer’s tool: yes
Safe for my car: Yes, it’s “fool proof” – even for a determined fool…
Fits BMWs 1987-2007: Yes
Reset oilservice and inspection reminders: Yes
Include everything you need to read and reset engine codes: Yes
Include a code manual with definitions: Yes
Include a 90-day warranty: Yes
Work only on BMWs: Yes
Let you check and reset codes at your convenience: Yes
Instructions so clear they're printed right on the tool: Yes
Operate without interface cables, software, or PC: Yes  
Low Cost: Yes
Work with Non-US spec BMWs: Yes
Work with Diesel BMWs: Yes