Things to Consider When Buying MINI Cooper Wiper Blades

At Mini Mania, we sell a wide assortment of wiper blades to fit your MINI cooper. And all will do the job. But there are some small differences between the generic “fits all” and the OEM wiper blades that we’d like to point out.
Here we have a generic wiper from PIAA that is an EXCELLENT wiper blade. Can’t stress that enough. It is an excellent wiper blade. And it fits all MINIs, which makes it one of our most popular wipers.
But when you purchase it, this is what comes in the package. The blade, five different tabs and a windshield preparation packet. Now, the reason they give you the five different tabs is because, they don’t know which MINI you drive.
And why that is important is…there are five different wiper arms MINI uses, depending on your car. There’s a J-hook, a Bayonet, a Pinch-Tab, a Top Button and a End Button.
So, depending on your wiper blade arm, you’ll need to attach one of the tabs to the PIAA wiper blade in order to mount it on your MINI.
But when you buy an OEM wiper blade, that blade is made specifically for your MINI type so the tab will fit the wiper blade arm that’s on your car.
For example, this wiper blade is made for a Country R60 that has a pinch tab arm. And as you can see, the tab on this wiper blade, has a pinch tab.
Its your choice between the OEM wipers or the generic wipers, both will suit your needs.
So, that’s basically the only difference between a generic and an OEM blades. Again, both are terrific blades and both do an excellent job. They’re just different.