5 Top Of Mind Questions About An Oil Catch Can for Your MINI Cooper

1. What is a Oil Catch Can and Why is It Important?
The simple, to-the-point answer is that with today's emissions control systems your MINI has an engine vacuum that sucks oil vapors out of the crank-case and into the intake path of your engine. That's not optimal.  And if you have a turbo or super-charged car, this could easily gum up your intercooler and reduce its efficiency.  And that's where an Oil Catch Can comes into play.

2. - What Does the Oil Catch Can Do?
Basically, the Oil Catch Can is designed to remove oil particles before they can make it back to the intake. Simple as that.
3. - How Easy is it to Install a Oil Catch Can Do?
It is a fairly easy DIY project and to help you out, check out the Oil Catch Can Installation Video below.

4.- Will an Oil Catch Can Throw a Code in MINI Cooper?
Well, yes, it could.  But it's not that big of a deal.  If by some chance you do throw a code or if your MINI has a rough idle, you'll need to recheck all your connections. And that should do the trick.

5.- Do I Really Need an Oil Catch Can?
You don't NEED one, but boy it sure helps!

6. How Often Do I Need to Check for Fluids in the Oil Catch Can?
it's a good idea to check the Oil Catch Can very few weeks or so.  See if it has any for oil and other fluids you'll need to remove

Find a catch can for your MINI below or click HERE.

More Details About an Oil Catch Can

In a regular gasoline engine, air and fuel are drawn into the combustion chamber and ignited, these controlled explosions creating the energy to drive the pistons. As a result, there are gases and tiny particles of unburnt fuel left in the chambers, which are removed through the exhaust system. Some of this mixture, however will always find its way past the piston rings into the engine crankcase and inside the valve cover.

Thanks to the engine’s Positive Crankcase Ventilation system, these gases are cycled out of the crankcase and valve cover back to the air intake, where they are combined with the fresh fuel/air mixture and into the combustion chambers again. The problem is that there is always a mist of hot oil in the engine, which mixes with these gases and is also drawn through the system along with them.

There are several issues that are associated with this. Burning even a tiny amount of oil isn’t great for an engine’s efficiency. This can cause a slight misfire, which is caught by the engine management system and addressed before you would ever notice it, but it’s still not ideal. The cleaner the fuel/air mixture entering the combustion chamber is, the happier your engine will be. Burnt oil will create a buildup of carbon on the engine’s pistons and valves, which over time will lead to poor running, poor economy and potentially expensive repairs. This oil mist can cause problems with the emissions system, including the catalytic converter, and oil blow-by can badly affect turbocharged engines, coating the inside of the intercooler and reducing its efficiency to name just one.

Catch CanThe oil catch can is designed to remove oil particles before they can make it back to the intake. Installed between the engine and the air intake, it will not affect your engine in any way except to make it more efficient and cleaner-running, and will reduce the possibility of oil blow-by. The reason why the manufacturers don’t build their cars with these already in place is really down to cost, and they usually don’t put anything on their cars unless the government requires it.

There are several types of oil catch cans, also known as oil separators, on the market and as is always the case, you get what you pay for. The cheaper ones are not much more than an empty can, and will provide no real benefit at all. Always look for a higher-quality item, which should incorporate a filter or stainless steel mesh arranged as baffles that are designed to collect and condense vaporized oil and the contaminants that it contains. You will be amazed at how much of this oil will be trapped. Just drain it each time you change your oil and you’re done, so there will be little maintenance involved.

We offer Catch Cans from a number of suppliers. They are easy to install, they work well and provide real benefits for your car, especially over the longer term.


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