The Californian Mini Moke Is Here!

Now you can build your own version of the beloved classic! Mini Mania, Inc. has obtained the rights from the manufacturer to sell the recently introduced Mini Moke replica in do-it-yourself kit form. Whether or not you’re familiar with these popular fun cars of the 1960’s and 70’s, there is one Moke that stands out among the rest: the Californian Mini Moke. Auto expert Don Racine hosts, which chronicles the history of the Moke and it’s evolution into the replica industry.

The first Californian Mini Moke was manufactured in Australia years after the original Mini Moke was designed and built by a subsidiary of British Motors in the United Kingdom. The modern Moke kit is designed and built to the same exacting standards employed over the 40+ years that the Mini sedan was produced in the UK.

Originally designed and built as a multi use go-anywhere vehicle, these fun little cars are ideal for beach excursions, exploring logging trails, surveying vast expanses of open land, daytrips with a group of friends or simply running parts and supplies back and forth in a compound or large shop type environment.

The new Moke is all about personalization, and your Moke can be ordered in just about any color you desire. The body and shell are galvanized and parts are easily interchanged with most classic Mini’s. The kit includes everything, except of course your choice of engine and gearbox.

Now that the newest addition to the kit car industry is here, this is your chance to own a new take on an old favorite. Versatile, durable, nostalgic, compact and just plain FUN, this reincarnation of Classic Californian Moke is sure to be a hit! Whatever your application, the Californian Moke is sure to fill your needs.

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