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National Joke Week - Mini Mania

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Mini Cooper Joke:
One day a guy with a Mini Cooper S had a some engine problems.
He pulled over, popped the hood and had a peek.
Fifteen minutes later, there was steam everywhere and he was sitting on the curb.

Then another guy with a Porsche 911 Turbo pulled up and asked him his problem..
He told him and the guy with the Porsche offered him a tug home. He also told the mini dude that, "If I go too fast, just honk your horn and flash your lights".

At the first stop light, a Ferrari F50 stops next to the Porsche, now with some ballast.
The F50 guy revs his engine and when the light turns green, the Porsche and Ferrari
TAKE OFF and are doing 340 KM/H.

They pass a speed trap and the officer says into his CB radio:
"Whoa, you won't believe what I just saw... I'm going to need some backup...
a Ferrari and a Porsche were doing over 340 KM/H, and there was a Mini Cooper S
behind them honking his horn and flashing his lights, trying to get past."


National Joke Week - Mini Mania

Background of Joke Week

A good laugh is the best stress buster that one can think of. So it is not surprising that among all the special days in the annual calendar, there is a National Joke Week. There is no information regarding the origin of Joke Week. Nor is there any data on who was responsible for creating it. However, Joke day does exist and it is observed on the 16th of August each year.

MINI has a long reputation of making jokes that work for them..

National Joke Week - Mini Mania

Activities on Joke Week

  • The main activities on Joke Week are either listening to jokes or telling them. Everyone enjoys a joke, well, almost everyone. This is why Joke Week is so easy to celebrate. You do not need a special setup for telling jokes – it just happens. So this is what Joke Week is all about. You either tell jokes or listen to them.
  • There are get-togethers on Joke Week where people share jokes and have a good laugh. The jokes may be of different categories to make the event more interesting, for example, bar room jokes, doggy jokes, marital jokes, army jokes, sports jokes and so on.
  • The internet is a powerful means of making contact with jokes. You can be sure that there will be a lot of humorous stuff available on Joke Week. If you have a good repertoire of jokes, then share your jokes with others by posting some of your best jokes on the various websites which invite such postings.
  • You can organize a joke party, where the theme will be jokes and pranks with all the guests contributing something humorous. The party can be made even livelier by making it a funny costume party, with guests dressed up as clowns and other funny characters.
  • You can spread humor around in your workplace. You will find that it is quite contagious, and once your colleagues get going, you may even find your bosses joining in the fun!


So this August, mark out Joke Week on your calendar and get set to have a week of fun and humor. So set aside your worries, and get ready to laugh and share your laughter with others. Remember, laughter is, as always, the best medicine.


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 08/13/2012 @ 5:59 PM
I once saw a MiniCooper S kill a large dog....

The Mini got caught in his throat!

 08/13/2012 @ 5:40 PM
Blue Meanie
What did one A008 say to the other? I'm tired !

What did one Lucas headlight say to the other ? Stop winking at me

Why was the steering column uncomfortable ? The indicator was stalking him

After the argument, Cooper sportspacked his things and left

 08/13/2012 @ 4:57 PM
There’s a man walking and a girl noticed his fly open. So the girl said to the man, Sir your garage door is open, the man replied,oh did u see my Ferrari? The girl replied, no sir but I saw a MiniCooper with two flat tires!

 08/13/2012 @ 6:31 AM

Michelle Brown
I was in the car with my cousin (a teen), when a Mini drove by. She said to me: "You like Mini Cooper's so why don't you get one?" I replied they were too small for a family car. She then asked: "Why don't you get a regular size Cooper instead of a Mini?" :D

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