Spy shots give clear view of MINI SUV


Best spy shots yet of the MINI SUV – and proof that it is four-wheel-drive!



Clubman SUV side  

Check out the best spy shots of the year so far – the MINI SUV has finally been snapped up close.

Our spies could barely believe their luck when they managed to seek out this prototype testing in Europe. While the bodywork appears to be near-identical to a standard Clubman, there are several visual clues to this being the new rough-road MINI.

The most obvious change is the increase in ride height. This will give the MINI greater ground clearance and extra visual muscle. The large wheels sit wider in the arches than standard rims, while the wheelbase is also a little longer.

Take a look underneath the rear of the car and the purpose of this MINI becomes perfectly clear. A rear differential is visible between the wheels, proving that this model is all-wheel drive. It won’t be a true mud-plugger, but it will aim to steal sales away from Land Rover’s larger Freelander.

Expected to be revealed later this year, the rough-road MINI has been confirmed for production but bosses are yet to confirm a name. Both Crossman and Monte are said to be in the running, with prices likely to start at around £20,000.

Clubman SUV side   Clubman rear differential
Clubman SUV rear 3/4   Clubman SUV rear
Clubman SUV profile   Clubman SUV front


Source:  Auto Express News