Sprint Booster Reviews

Ever since we started selling Sprint Boosters, we've been getting flooded with emails from customers raving about the product.  The following are just a few examples of what they've had to say.

1. "I was thinking about the purchase of this product for a long time.  Finally convinced myself to spend the money to do so. It's not cheap, but it really does do what it claims. Great feeling, especially at the low end. Sure wish I'd done it sooner. "

  1. 2. "Gang, this thing really works and is worth the $ - even at near $300 that I paid... It will bring a smile to your face!!! Guaranteed! "

    3. It definitely makes a noticeable difference in the responsiveness of the throttle.  For the feel that you get from this it IS worth the money. I am very satisfied with everything: the cost, the short time it took to get here, and the ease of installation!

4. I just installed the Sprint Booster in my R53 and I felt the difference immediately! Yes, it's expensive, but I hated the delayed response with the throttle and the Mini dealer couldn't fix it even with a flash firmware upgrade. So I was willing to pay for this booster. Anyone that hasn't tried, need not criticize it. Let me tell u that it works and the throttle response is very sensitive now. As soon as u step on the accelerator, it goes! No hesitation!

5. So tonight I installed the Sprint Booster. All I can say is, WOW!  I am the most skeptical person when it comes to mods like this, but I have to admit that this mod is worth EVERY penny!!! For one, there is zero lag when taking off. You step on the accelerator and the car just takes off. When you drop it into 2nd, it pulls off again without any hesitation. The throttle response is just insane and it shifts very smoothly! The shifts from 3rd to 4th and beyond is fantastic as well! The car just wants to go, go go! If any of you have been considering this mod, DO IT! You will not be sorry. It's too bad BMW's don't come this way to begin with. Well, that about sums it up.

6. I just installed mine SB on Sunday. The 2-3 minutes it takes to self-install this thing is well worth it. As far as fuel consumption goes, it might be using a touch more but I think the biggest contributing factor is the temptation to let it all hang out. Acceleration is definitely improved, not sure what that would translate to in 0-60 but you'll notice it trust me!  Don't delay... Get one today!!!

7. Good for you for giving it a try. We installed one in my buddy's MINI (15% + CAI only) and the difference was amazing. Pulling away from a light was much better and the top end felt the same. I understand how it works and no, moving the seat closer doesn't do the same thing. I tried that before we installed it. When you move the seat closer your foot is now at a jacked up angle and makes the car harder to drive. The SB just made the car funner to drive. It "feels" like the car has more power. I know it doesn't but you sure think it did. I agree that people shouldn't judge until they try it. It does take some getting used to but I would recommend to anyone to give it a try.

8. I installed it in less than 5 minutes and I have to tell the skeptics that YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOTICE IT IMMEDIATELY. Crisp immediate throttle response from idle all the way to the red line. Those of you that have the SMG can get a feel of what the SB would do by driving your car in non-sport mode and then pushing the "sport" button and noticing how much the throttle response is improved. Well the SB improves the throttle response over the "sport" mode in a similar way. It's like having another "more aggressive" sport mode that has even faster throttle response. The only difference is that sport mode also improves shift speed and SB doesn't, but as ECF said because of the immediate throttle response it "seems" like shift speed is also improved.

9. Hey guys, I'm back for a bit, just visiting. Sprint Booster is great!! I can confirm that along with all the great stories already on here. When I posted about it a few months back, a lot of people were skeptical about this, but now there's so many of us using it. On the E60, it was insane, I currently have it on my CLK, it really improves the car A LOT!! What I do notice tho, and if you guys care to discuss this, if you put the car on Sports mode (DS) do you guys feel like the car shifts abruptly sometimes? Like its hard to drive smooth with this thing, but its damn fun to drive like you stole it. If any of you guys have both an MB and a BMW, try to get it for both, I think the MB shifts much smoother with the SB installed than the BMW, maybe its because of my driving style, but still recommend it to ANYONE!!

10. I have had the sprint booster on for a few weeks now and even though I was skeptical of how much of an improvement it would make I must say I am very happy with it. I have a modded mini with a Thumper head and custom tune along with a few other bits, and it definitely makes driving a whole lot more fun. Was it worth the money...yes (considering my wife spends more on shoes each month....).   It does take a little while to get use to but now I wouldn't take it off. After the head it was the best mod I have added. Also it was the easiest mod I have added only took 30 seconds! A monkey could probably do it in 15...

11. ...so had a SB installed on Friday, after buying it from a local shop here in Austria. My feedback: wow. everything the guys claim here is true. you do notice it, and unlike other forum members here, my g/f tried it out and she noticed immediately - considering it for her golf now

12. I just installed the SB, it took less than 10 minutes. I was trying to find a way to hide the wire but decided to leave it out as is. After I went for a quick test drive, all I can say is "If you don't have one, what are you waiting for?" BTW, this is my 1st mod ever to the E60. This mod is so easy and simple, you see the improvement instantly. Highly recommended.

13. I want to share my experience with the Sprintbooster. First, I've got to say that this is definitely a good mod if you're a performance enthusiast. As the others have mentioned, the car feels more 'alive' and also far more sporty. The sprintbooster basically reduces the lag from the ECT by multiplying a certain amount you press on the gas pedal. So say before installing SB you have to press the pedal half way down to get your RPM jumping high to around 3-4k RPM. Now you only need to press it 1/4 down to get your RPM to the same point.

14. Put mine on last night before the wife and I went out to dinner. All I can say is Wow! Throttle response is awesome. I was skeptical, but now am a believer.

15. Having done 100 miles or so since installing it this morning, I can say the biggest improvement is from around 20/30mph. You just nudge the accelerator and get pushed back - much more than previously. I like the effect and will be keeping it. As noted above, effects will be more obvious without a remap, but I would recommend that everybody gets one. It's (relatively) cheap and if you don't have one, we all do, so we are better than you, nur. I certainly don't regret getting it.

16. Oh man no way, I completely agree with C's experiences since I finally had a chance to taste what the SB hype was all about. All I can say is holy xxxx xxxx!, my car is seriously out of control with the SB installed. I drove around with it on for a day and became instantly addicted like a crackhead, I then removed it the next day to see what the difference would be and I hated driving it!   I don't think it's about being an extra 10% more responsive, it feels like a whole new system of throttling. Besides the instantaneous throttle response, the shifting is much much quicker, feels stronger and better. My first gear pull is constantly peeling out now, the freeway pulls feel much stronger, it's like a whole new gearing took over now. You have to try it to believe it.  Bottom line, WELL worth the price.

Conclusion - Sprint Boosters Rock

So, there you have it.  Unabashed, unfiltered and undeniably one of the best products on the market for giving your MINI Cooper a boost!

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