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Where Our Reviews Came From

Everyone one of these reviews were emailed to us, unsolicited.  As you’ll see, the majority of customers LOVE their Sprint Booster.  They love the instant power and the responsiveness. 


18 Reviews on Sprint Booster

The following are 18 Sprint Booster reviews taken at random over the last year or so.

1. My friend just installed this on his 2005 545 and he loved it. The throttle response is greatly improved. He is about to get a software remap so he's also going to test the Sprint Booster after the remap.

2. Several thousand miles of use here; no partial throttle "cruising problems” and no noticeable “dead” pedal position. The following graphic taken from Mini Mania’s site partly illustrates how the effect feels to me. I could be very wrong in how I think this thing works, but lively engine response can't be denied. After completing two back-to-back, three hundred mile flat-out drives, I’m very glad the SB was there to help squirt me from a few potentially fatal circumstances; whether perception and reality are/were blurred for this product's contribution is of no consequence to me.


3. I LOVE IT! The throttle is much much more responsive. You actually have to get used to it a bit and feather the throttle or the car will surge. The responsiveness in P400 mode is closer to P500 mode now. I know there's no incremental power improvement here but it just feels like I added about 50 horses. The car is noticeably quicker off the line and lunches stronger with each gear change.  Now the downside....I have to give this thing back to my friend. =(

4. A couple of weeks go I went to xxxx Porsche, The sales rep suggested I try the boxter S that was fitted with one of these devices. While I was skeptical, I tried it anyway. Woooow, felt like another 30-50 horses strapped on.

5. I had them installed on my 2.7 at the spot (took them less than 5 minutes to install!). After the install, I drove back and force around the parking lot and it was a night and day difference! After the test drive, the staff asked me if I wanted to keep it or take it off. Since they were having a special pricing,  I decided to keep it.  Throttle response definitely improved. The car pulls harder as RPM climbs up much quicker. Passing slower cars on the highway is much easier as well.

6. Ok it installed this afternoon. First impressions....I really like it! The car is a lot more fun to drive. Can't tell you if the car would be any faster in 0 to 60 or the 1/4 mile but it feels a lot more responsive especially at low speeds. It gives you the impression that would have more power.  The throttle response is much quicker and i like it better than the stock way. For those worried that it would be too hard to drive in daily traffic....well it is not an's not like you're at WOT just when you touch the pedal.  The install took about 2 pop the hood...lift the plastic cover at the top.....take off one plug....put in the sprint booster in the plug and attached it back.  The salesperson at the dealership had it for a while in his car and he loves it also. He told me that i would feel a difference right away but that it would be even more as the ECU adjust to it in the next few days.  It's the kind of product that makes your car a little more fun to drive....sort of like the rear sway bar.  So personally, i like this mod so far....i have spent $$ way worse than purchasing this device!

I always wonder why on forums people knock the Sprint Booster but have NEVER tried one.   I've never seen a second hand one for sale..

7. We have installed it in a 2000 MK4 Golf 1.8t manual and have notices HUGE gains. Much more responsive off the line & in every shift and great for double clutching.

8. I just had this put in my 07 A4 and all I can say is WOW!  It took me a couple of blocks to get the sensitivity worked out but after that its awesome.  First, second and third gears feel like they pull a lot harder, way more responsive 4,5 and 6 are more responsive as well.  They aren't kidding when they say this reduces response time.  You go through the gears faster and the engine really responds crisply and it feels like you have more power unleashed.   If you any other performance mods you have to get this.  I think it compliments everything else. 

9. Got mine today.  First of all, a technical disclaimer. I know it doesn't add horse-power. That it's just removing the adaptation/non-linearity of the pedal range.  Basically, it feels like a completely different car. It's hard to describe, but the basic feeling is that the power is in your foot - like you have authority.  It was really easy to install, but a bit freaky the way the whole pedal assembly just kind of falls out, but it's easy to get back together. I have to check mine out again because when I turn the wheel lock to lock, something in there is taping/touching the extra cable. Have to do something with that - any tricks/suggestions, or just let it hang in there and hope it's all good?  Anyways, best mod yet, took less than 10 minutes, used a 10mm socket on the nut and a screwdriver to pop off the nut-cover.  The car just feels farking FAST. Like I expected it to be when I first got it. Feels like a big V8 in there. A lot more controllable. You WILL notice a difference and if you always felt like you were waiting for this car to go fast, you WILL like it. It's more like it wants to go, and you're just holding it back - it feels like a fast car.  THIS is what I always wanted this car to be.

10. I too installed this mod yesterday at lunch. The install took about ten minutes, but I was a little concerned when the pedal assembly did not come out as easy as I thought, and getting it back in was a little tricky, but with in the ten minutes,, it was done.  I like this booster very much, the car is responsive, but still controllable (you will need to feather the throttle more than before). I still have not had the opportunity to really open her up (to much traffic), but I hope to do this today.   Other notes: After a 3/4 push on the accelerator, the car moves very quick, but when backing off the gas, the car is still accelerating faster than before. I also put the tranny in the "W" mode and it seemed to mellow out the sprint booster..............

11. Just installed my Sprint Booster, and i'm very pleased with the results. Took me a little more than 10 minutes to install it, and yeah I agree with you guys that it is a little scary that the whole accelerator just kind of falls out. My car feels A LOT more responsive when i touch the throttle now. Well worth the $$ i spent.

Y'all - I installed mine in less than 10 minutes today. Money well spent! The car really lurches forward when you touch the accelerator. It seems to me that the supercharger kicks in a little sooner also (although maybe I'm imagining this). Great product! - be careful when you first put it in though - it's pretty aggressive especially when in traffic!

12. the car does seem faster even if it isn't.  For people who say pressing the pedal harder would give the same results, well i would have to disagree
its hard to describe but I would have to say the car just feels more willing than before the reaction time is much quicker and even small inputs on the throttle seem to gain a response where as before I would just get nothing, nothing then bam!   Overall well worth the money and highly recommended.

13. Just put in a sprintbooster. Easy to do except for the recalcitrant clip, otherwise obvious. It's pretty hilarious, I have to say. Instant response like my 740i sport but brutal. Revs don't seem to climb on the gauge any differently but response is there. It's beyond the question of whose butt dyno is more sensitive than another's I'm sure. I dropped it off my foreign car place for an oil change and he took it around the block with me and he said "it's very responsive". It's a rewarding $$ spent. Rolling burnout with ESP off at 15-20 mph. I'll post again if things change.  Update: I just picked up the car and the tech asked me "what did you do to the throttle" and I told him he just shook his head.  I have to say I think this must improve 0-60 times but I have no data to support this belief

14. installed it last night. there is a noticeable difference in throttle response, especially from a standstill. from a stop, i almost lost my grip on the steering wheel from the quicker acceleration from being pushed back. i would recommend this product to others (easy install, cheap, noticeable improvement in throttle response).

15. I installed this gadget "sprint booster" a module that is made in Europe on my SLK 200 (M271) and my vehicle is behaving a monster. The throttle response is unbelievable when it comes to acceleration. It is just like having a well tune ECU in your vehicle.  Some fellows have installed this module in their C32 AMG and C55 AMG and the response is amazing..

Thanks for a great product. The car should've come like this stock, or at least been like this in S and M mode, but been subdued in Comfort mode. It is very manageable to drive, it's very fun to drive, it totally fixes the car... I should've done this 3 years ago.  Before the car used to feel like it had a turbo on it, with a too large A/R and too small a compressor housing... you wait and you wait , then boost comes on, but there isn't that huge surge of power that you expect after that much lag. Now the car feels properly supercharged with a centrifugal blower...  

16. Before I would go into boost at about 70% throttle. Now It boost at about 40% throttle , which is typically as deep as most people go for a typical highway pass.... much more linear performance and I likes it...

17. I've had my SprintBooster on for like 2-3 months now, and I can say that I'm pretty happy with it. The response time is a lot better and the car does seem faster


18. Hello, I am writing you to tell you that your product is an absolute best! Performance add on that I've seen as a plug and play.

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