On behalf of Sprint Booster USA, I'd like to thank the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association for this Best New Street Performance Product of 2010-Let's hear it, people!

While you're thanking your Mom and all your relatives, let's give the credit to these guys- this is Sprint Booster!

Now all of todays O.E.M. Cars are doing Drive By Wire, which means there's no Throttle Cable between your Throttle Pedal, and the actual Throttle Blade- but there's a Computer in between.

So it's taking some sort of input from your Pedal, it's deciding what it wants to do over here so they can be completely separated. Well there's a lot of "spongy feel" out there. It's like a complete disconnected feel. Well, these guys have a great interface-it just goes between your Pedal, you know, and your Wiring Harness.

This installs in minutes. It's a Plug and Play Technology and it rarely requires any Tools at all. You can change the characteristics of your Throttle to give you that Performance feel, so you don't have that spongy, laggy feel anymore.

You've got a couple of preset so you can go from acceleration onto instant too, which is obviously the one you pick. It makes a big difference on how your Vehicle performs and how it feels.

It's a great way to take the blahzay sort of, ouuuh feel that you get in your Car today- that sponginess and make it nice and crisp and snappy. Yeah-it's a real window in the future of Performance Parts there from Sprint Booster USA, so- Buy Sprint Booster.