I would just like to say thanks and seasons greetings and a merry Christmas to you guys at mini mania. The wife and I took a very nice 6 week tour last year though Washington ,Oregon ,California ,Nevada and Arizona  and what I’m realizing right now is we probably drove right by you’re place without stopping in to say hello. Next time I’ll look at the shipping invoice Anyways I just wanted to say .I’ve been restoring old mopars and an occasional ford now and then for years, this is the first mini I’ve ever restored and I must say compared to the mopar and ford restoration guys (I wont name names) you guys really have you’re shit together, an excellent web site, and, unbelievably good customer service.


P.S  if you’re wondering how I stumbled  into fixing up mini’s let’s just say the Beret  Jackson auction has everyone up here thinking that a 1974 valiant 4dr is worth 5k and I picked up this mini very cheap and thought” what the hell “it probably won’t take more than a quart of paint. However, once you start driving them they do seem to grow on you...