How to get a shipping quote: (Logging into the site is NOT required)

Step 1: Select a product

Step 2: Hit 'Buy Now' button to place item in shopping cart

Step 3: Hit blue button 'Shipping Quote'

Step 4: Activate the drop down menu and pick the country that you wish to ship to

Step 5: From the drop down menu pick the State that you wish to ship to.
(Note: if outside the USA pick 'Non US')

Step 6: Enter your Zip or postal code in the box provided

Step 7: Enter your e-mail address (NOT required if you are already logged into the site)

Step 8: Hit the button labeled 'Get Quote'

All possible shipping quotes will then be displayed

QUESTIONS? Email us here.

Note: There are a few items in our inventory that we may not be able to supply a on-line quote for, please call our 800 946 2642 number for further assistance.

The Mini Mania website has long been the world’s most popular internet site dedicated to the Mini Cooper. And now we have added yet another sought after feature: real-time shipping quotes. You can compare shipping costs by simply choosing a product to put into your shopping cart and entering a postal code and country, no login needed. The new feature lets you to add or take items out of your cart and see the resulting cumulative shipping cost.

Shipping costs are presented for all major shipping companies- DHL, Fedex, USPS and UPS - including expedited methods. Thousands of products have been weighed and measured to provide the most accurate costs available. These quotes are carried forward to the check-out process to be sure there are no surprises during final purchase.

Many special order, seldom seen or new items will not have a measurement and thus shipping cost will not be available online. And when these special order items are combined in a shopping cart total shipping costs will not be displayed. The costs are calculated based on total weight and size of the order and not simply by adding shipping costs of individual items.

This new feature is one more way Mini Mania strives to maximize our customers' experience on