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Here is a book which starts by making a few logical and insightful observations, and continues throughout to provide sensible and well-informed recommendations. While the book is written with the new owner of a new MINI in mind, there is plenty in it for anyone who is interested in improving their Classic Mini, or taking their driving beyond the daily commute.

Starting with the basics of sitting in the car properly, and how to hold the steering wheel correctly, the book looks at better driving behaviours, and various improvements that can be made to the MINI; for better touring, autocrossing (similar to what we call motorkhanering), track days and full racing.

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If you are already an experienced racer, you probably won’t get much out of this book. But, if you are new to motorsport, or simply want to get the most out of your MINI, and improve your driving, there is plenty for you.
Written by former editor of British Car Magazine, Gary Anderson, and owner of Mini Mania, Don Racine, the book details the improvements, and gives clear explanations as to what each will achieve, as well as any drawbacks.
There is also a guide to the costs of each modifi cation, but be aware that the prices are all in US dollars, and are likely to change over time. However, it gives a basic idea on the price structure and compares low, medium and higher-priced options. One thing easily passed over, is that if every recommended improvement was made, you would spend a small fortune on your MINI.

But don’t think the book is nothing more than a glorifi ed advertisement or catalogue for Mini Mania. While the business gets plenty of mention within the book, all improvements are balanced by sensible suggestions about what would actually be needed for different types of driving, against the ultimate wish list. Motoring is divided into four main sections – Buying Your New MINI; MINIs For Street and Roads; Serious MINIs for Track, Autocross and Touring; and Competitive Motoring. Each section starts with the basics and works up to quite comprehensive recommendations.
There are plenty of illustrations and photographs, and the book is well written with the novice in mind. It is very easy to read and quite enjoyable.

There’s no attempt to baffle the mind with technical jargon, and where technical terms are used they are well explained.

Although it is an American book, the observations on road laws are equally applicable in Australia, and the sensible comments of driving skills are just as valid anywhere. The book is available from Mini Mania (, or Amazon ( in the US, for US$29.95 plus postage.