Quaife Engineering Ltd

If your business is automotive engineering, what would you like us to make? From concept, computer aided design, prototyping, testing, quality control and final batch production, you'd be surprised by what we can produce for our clients. Whether in the UK or internationally, we're delighted to project manage transmissions solutions and all manner of automotive engineering projects, whether on two wheels or four.
We're fully compliant with the latest quality standards including ISO 9001 and TS9000 and we supply a massive range of clients from the smallest one man raceshop to the world's biggest car manufacturers. Put us to the test and we'll rise to any engineering challenge, all in complete confidentiality where necessary.

Quaife Engineering's Original Equipment clients include:-

Daimler-Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors all use Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) differentials as standard in high performance road cars.
John Cooper Garages, Lotus Cars Ltd, Mitsubishi Ralliart, Noble Cars, Radical Sportscars and Rage all use a variety of Quaife components from ATB differentials to complete gearboxes.

Quaife Engineering's automotive performance product range covers:

  • ATB Differentials for road and motorsport use
  • Performance gear kits for cars, motorcycles and motorcycle engined cars
  • Replacement race / rally gear boxes
  • Specialist reversing boxes and gear trains for niche vehicles
  • Uprated drive shafts & half shafts
  • Complete heavy duty axle kits
  • Four wheel drive systems
  • GT sports racing cars in either 2 or 4WD

Our customers compete in every form of motorsport, including:-

  • Circuit racing from club level to British GT's and Britcar
  • Rallying, from single venue events to the World Rally Championship
  • Rallycross, from lightly modified up to 650bhp Supercars
  • Sprinting in all classes including single seaters and sportscars
  • Off-road racing in specialist four wheel drive buggies and Land / Range Rover derived specials
  • Formula Student - the training ground for the next generation of motor sport engineering students

Here at Quaife, we're not just renowned for our high performance engineering work, we're happy to pursue a wide variety of automotive projects, including:-

  • On board power systems capable of running compressors and generators - all day, every day
  • Electric vehicle transmissions for zero emission vehicles
  • Specialized gearboxes used in mass transit systems

Quaife Engineering's design and development facilities are extensive:-

  • Three 3D solid work stations linked to solid CAM shop floor work station
  • Full workshop capabilities for research and development

Quaife Engineering's production facilities include:-

  • Six Bridgeport vertical CNC machining centres
  • Two Hitachi Seiki vertical CNC turning centres
  • Tow Mori Seiki horizontal CNC turning centres
  • Five Mazak CNC lathes
  • Four Hyundai CNC lathes
  • Seven Sykes gear cutting machines
  • Over fifty manual machines including lathes, mills, grinders, saws and gear cutters

Quaife America

Quaife America is Quaife Engineering's exclusive sales and marketing arm in North America. It was established to provide the American consumer with complete coverage of the Quaife product line, as well as to research new applications that cater specifically to this dynamic market. Based in San Juan Capistrano, California, it is ideally situated to suit the large number of race teams based in Southern California.
Quaife America continues to play an active role in sport compact drag racing, a role that began back when this sport was just in its infancy. The Quaife ATB differential is still the choice of champions, both amateur and professional alike, more than a decade after professional front wheel drive drag racing began.
The advantages of custom Quaife gear kits and racing transmissions are now being realized by many teams. In the years to come, as the sport continues to evolve and grow, Quaife America will help teams push the performance envelope in this exciting sport.
From ATB differentials to custom heavy duty gears, to sequential transmissions, Quaife America remains involved with many of the factory-backed racing efforts in a large variety of racing car classes.
Our longstanding working relationships with several car manufacturers at the race track have evolved into new relationships with them at the original equipment level for performance road vehicles.
Quaife America now supplies ATB differentials as original equipment to Daimler Chrysler and General Motors.
Quaife America's staff has been expanded to accommodate increased customer service requirements and to focus their expertise on specific products or markets. The new staff members at Quaife America are bringing not only expertise, but also new ideas to or company.
Quaife America is enthusiastic about new markets. We invite our customers to challenge us with their driveline performance problems. We'll show you how Quaife can engineer solutions and make your vehicle perform at its best. What can we make for you?