Prevent Child Abuse America

Who is Prevent Child Abuse America?
Founded in 1972 in Chicago, Prevent Child Abuse America works to promote the healthy development of children and prevent child abuse before it can occur in order to help children to grow up and contribute in their communities. Their network works every day to promote the kind of strategies and activities that make a difference locally as well as nationally and helps nearly 100,000 families a year through the signature Healthy Families America program.

What is Prevent Child Abuse America's mission? from
Our mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children.

We recognize that every day we each have the opportunity to help create the kind of nation we want to live in. We also recognize that when all children don’t have equal opportunity for healthy growth and development, we put our future as a society at risk.

Because of the work being accomplished via the Prevent Child Abuse America chapter network, we know that there are many effective child development efforts being implemented around the country. There are services to focus on shaken baby syndrome prevention, sexual safety and child sexual abuse prevention, peer abuse and bullying prevention, and many more.

And because of the success of our signature home visiting program Healthy Families America, evidence based home-visiting strategies that are proven to improve child well-being are able to reach nearly 100,000 families every year.

We also know that we can do better, because a focus on innovative and needed services lays the foundation for children’s growth and development that reduces the later possibility of more serious problems from occurring. Our vision is a nation in which no child is ever abused or neglected, and believe that with the help from the public, policy-makers, and corporate partners, that this idea can be made a reality.

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What percent of the charity's total expenses are spent on the programs and services it delivers?

Help Prevent Child Abuse America stop the abuse and neglect of children
Want to get involved with Prevent Child Abuse America? We all have a role to play in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. You can be a partner in providing great childhoods for all children, whether by mentoring a child or parent, advocating for family friendly policies, or donating your time or money to child-serving organizations.

94 cents out of every dollar donated to Prevent Child Abuse America go directly to programs and services that help children and families thrive. Your donation will go a long way towards making a difference in the lives of children and families in your community, both now and in the future.