Mini Mania offers a free Cars for Sale message board for private parties wishing to sell their classic British cars. The Sale board normally lists ads posted in the previous 30 days; however, you can search through ads posted in the previous 365 days by using the search feature at the top of the screen. The Cars For Sale board is provided as a public service by Mini Mania, and as such we do not offer telephone support for questions regarding the Sale board. Please read this entire article for full instructions on how to post your ad.



Public Service Announcement:

Private parties selling automo-biles should be aware of a popular fraud system which is currently very active worldwide.

Be extremely cautious of potential buyers who offer to buy your automobile by sending you a cashier’s check for an amount over your selling price, and ask you to send them the balance. Chances are the cashier’s check is worthless; if you deposit the check, it may be up to two weeks before your bank notifies you the funds are not available.

Since this form of fraud frequently originates outside the US, law enforcement is often unable to intervene; however, contact your local FBI office if you suspect you have become the victim of check fraud.

AD LIMITS:   You are welcome to place two ads within a 90 day period. The Sale board is not designed to accommodate car dealers, and a two-ad limit is automatically regulated by our web server. This limit will also apply if you accidentally place two ads for the same car, so please read the following instructions carefully if you have more than one car to add to the board! Mini Mania is not able to manually override the two-ad limit for you.



TO ADD A LISTING TO THE SALE BOARD: Click on the "Cars for Sale" link in the navigation list on the left side of the Mini Mania screen, then click on "Private Sellers". You should now see the Cars For Sale message board. Immediately below the blue bar at the top of the page you will find three options: "Add new car ad", "Add new car ad with picture", and "Login to system".


You must have a user account with Mini Mania in order to list a car for sale. Go ahead and log in with your username and password, or create an account if you do not already have one (it's free!), by clicking on the "Login to system" option.


To place your ad, click on either of the other two options, depending on whether you have a digital photo (JPG or GIF only) of your car available. If you think you might want to add a photo of your car to the ad at a later time, please use the “Add new car with picture” option.


Fill in the requested information about your car and how a buyer can contact you. The Description field will accept standard HTML formatting and hyperlink tags. When you are done entering the information, click on the "Add Car For Sale Listing" button at the bottom of the screen to complete the process and make your listing available to the public.


To add your car photo, click on the Browse button to find your photo file on your computer, then select the file and click "Open". The filename of your photograph should appear in the "Picture" field. (The “Picture” field and “Browse” button will appear only if you created your ad using the “Add new car with picture” option.)



D'OH! To add a photo when you did NOT use the "Add new car with picture" link: The short answer is, mark your existing ad as SOLD and then re-create a new ad listing using the "Add new car with picture". You will be subject to the Ad Limits mentioned above (two ads per 90 day period). The long answer is that if you have web skills and web hosting (for your own home web page, for example), you can post your photo on your own website and then insert an image tag in the text of your For Sale ad. Please keep your car image to a maximum width of 450 pixels. If the Long Answer instructions don't make sense to you, then please use the Short Answer; we are not able to instruct you.



TO MODIFY AN EXISTING AD or MARK YOUR CAR AS "SOLD": Log in to the Mini Mania website using the SAME screen name and password you used when creating the ad. If you have multiple screen names, be sure you are logged in with the correct screen name!


Now go to the ad for your car. At the top of the description, and at the bottom of it, you will find a link saying "Click here to edit or mark your ad as sold". This will take you to a screen where you can change the information about the car, or change photos by following the instructions above. If your car has sold, check the first box at the top of the screen, marked "Is Car Sold?".


Modifying an ad will retain the original date of posting, and your ad will not move to the top of the list.



"CAN I GET MY AD TO STAY UP AT THE TOP OF THE LIST?" The list shows newest ads at the top, and it is not possible to "bump" your ad to the top. This way everyone gets a fair and equal chance to display their car at the top of the list.



IF YOU HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS   about placing an ad on Mini Mania’s Cars for Sale board, please send an email to [email protected]. The Sales board is a free service, and we have limited staff time available to provide support; we appreciate your patience in awaiting a reply.