The Top 40 Wished for MINI Parts on

Our Wishlist feature essentially let's you bookmark MINI parts and accessories you may not buy now but would like to have in the future.  Add parts to your Mini Mania Wishlist by clicking "Add to Wishlist" under the "Add to Cart" button found on every part specific page on our website.  Oh, and don't forget to email your list to friends and family around your birthday or the holidays, maybe your wishes might just come true.  You can find more information about our popular Wishlist feature here.

Below, separated into Generations, are the Top 40 MINI Cooper parts and accessories that are most often added to our member's Wishlists.  You'll also find a list of parts that will fit any MINI model.  If you are unsure of the exact model of your MINI please read our article explaining MINI model designations.  

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Generation 1 MINIs
R50,R52 & R53

1. Ultimate Armrest from Italy

2. Post Mount Cup Holder

3. Ignition Coil Upgrade

4. OEM Auxiliary Audio Input Kit

5. OEM Black Aero Grille Kit

6. Steel Skid Plate

7. OEM Rear MINI Emblem

8. Strut Reinforcement Plates

9. OEM Magnetic Stone Guards

Fits some Gen 2 MINIs

10. OEM Windshield Sunshade

Fits some Gen 2 MINIs

Generation 2 MINIs
R55,R56,R57,R58,R59,R60 &R61

1. OEM Armrest w/ Storage

Also fits Gen 1 MINIs

2. Hi-Flow Charge Pipe Upgrade

3. Hi-Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe

4. OEM Blackout Trim

5. OEM Center Console Tray

6. OEM Emergency Brake Handle

Also fits Gen 1 MINIs

7. Haynes Repair Manual

Also for Gen 1 MINIs

8. OEM Rubber Floor Mats

9. Sunroof Sunshade

10. Door Pull & Glovebox Covers

Generation 3 MINIs
F54,F55,F56,F57 & F60

1. OEM Driving/Rally Lights

Also fits Gen 2 MINIs

2. OEM 0w-20 Engine Oil

3. OEM MINI Wings Puddle Lights

Also fits Gen 2 MINIs

4. K&N Cold Air Intake Upgrade

5. OEM JCW Tuning Kit

6. OEM Side Mirror Covers

7.  OEM Non-Slip Trunk Tray

8. Power Module Upgrade

9. OEM Hood Stripes

10. OEM Click & Drive System

Fits Every
MINI Model

1. Stubby Antenna

2. Hella Black Magic Rally Lights

3. Sprint Booster V3

4. Universal Grille Badge Holder

5. 3" Carbon Fiber Antenna

6. Seat Belt Chime Defeat

7. Grocery Bag Holder

8. Windshield Wide Angle Lens

9. Easy Pull Straps

10. Universal Phone Cradle

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