January 20, 2006 - Glen Head, NY and Hillsboro, OR

Nuzzo Motorsports, campaigning three MINI Coopers at the Grand Am Cup
200 at Daytona International Speedway this January, announced a
partnership with Unichip North America, makers of a plug-and-play
piggyback engine control unit (ECU).  Nuzzo and Unichip have agreed to a
multi-race partnership, focused on building brand awareness through
livery applications and outreach in the MINI community, as well as
performance benchmarking and testing, using the Grand-Am Cup MINI Cooper
S as a marketing platform.

Unichip, a custom-programmable, plug-and-play ECU, allows users to
extract maximum performance out of their cars - and their unique engine
modifications - using an infinitely-tunable interface. The result of
installation and tuning of a Unichip in a given car is a unique
calibration that harnesses the power of all aftermarket modifications to
an engine, such as cold air intakes and modified headers.  Totally
re-programmable and custom tunable, the Unichip guarantees car owners
maximum performance, while leaving no electronic footprint detectable by
an OEM scan.

Nuzzo and Unichip will work together to develop the perfect engine
performance characteristics of a race-tuned MINI Cooper S, using the
same street-legal product in the race car that customers can buy for
their street cars.

Tony Nuzzo, lead driver and team principle of Nuzzo Motorsports said,
"We're thrilled to welcome Unichip North America to the team.  They've
got a product that we believe in, and are eager to use the platform that
Grand-Am Cup and MINI racing provides for getting their name out.  We're
looking forward to working with the proven talent and technology at
Unichip.  They've demonstrated an enormous depth of know-how when it
comes to getting the most out of the MINIs and we can't wait to get our
cars out competing in Grand-Am Cup this year."

Kim Ziebell, Marketing Director for Unichip North America said, "We're
pleased to announce our support for Nuzzo Motorsports and their racing
MINI Coopers.  Racing is a new marketing exercise for us, but we believe
that by teaming with Tony, one of the foremost MINI technical gurus -
and the guy who's willing to take the fight to the more powerful
sportscars out there - we'll demonstrate to the enthusiast community the
performance aspects of our product.  We're looking forward to seeing the
Unichip brand out on the track at Daytona, and are excited to do some
performance benchmarking in the Nuzzo MINIs to demonstrate how well our
product holds up under the stress of endurance racing."

Tony is the owner of Nuzzo Motorsports which is beginning its fourth
year campaigning the MINI Cooper S. Tony began racing in Porsche Club
and drove his first professional race in 2001 in a Rolex Series GT Class
Porsche finishing sixth in class and tenth overall. In 2002, Tony
finished Third in the Drivers Championship in Grand-Am Cup's STII Class
and was named 2002 Rising Star. In 2003 Tony began campaigning the MINI
Cooper S in Grand-Am ST class and in 2005 earned MINI to its first
professional podium finishing third at Watkins Glen co-driving with
Steve Pattee.

To learn more about Unichip North America, visit http://www.unichip.us

To learn more about Nuzzo Motorsports, visit http://www.nuzzomotorsports.com