Below is a customer feedback on installing the iPOD interface in the 2006 MINI. There seems to be some 'variations' from the factory instructions: On the 2006, no need to lift the fascia around the speedo to remove the tubes. Just unscrew them (after removing the knee bolster), pull them down, and this gives you enough room to get to the radio. The manufacturer's instructions show, in some figures, 4 little plugs when there are actually only three. Don't be confused. There are only three. In step 3 (of manufacturer's instructions), it helps to insert a tiny screwdriver into the back end to hold down the 'barb' on the plugs. Then they pop out easily. In step 4, make sure to shove the plugs in all the way to the end (i.e. further than they were in the orig harness). This was my mistake. Fortunately it was easy to correct. It seems like the 06's come prewired for the CD changer. If yours is like mine, you will need to remove this white plug before inserting the plug from the adapter in step 6. Just let it dangle and don't worry. Hope this helps somebody. Really the installation is pretty simple (even if I did get it wrong the first time). If I did it again I could do it in under an hour easily. Once in it works great. The location in the glove-box is very clean.