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Below are instructions for removal of the factory ECU from the MINI Cooper and Cooper S.

1. Remove the keys from the ignition.

2. Locate the ECU cover on the drivers side against the firewall. Gently compress the clips on both sides and lift the cover up.

3. On each connector, below the wires exiting the connector itself, you will find a dark grey 'connector release clip'. Slide these clips away from the connector (they remain on the connector). As you slide the clips, the connectors will partially release. Fully disconnect both connectors.

4. Once both connectors are released, gently and firmly pull the ECU out.

5. Wrap the ECU in plastic bubble wrap and pack into a 'sturdy' cardboard box. Pack the ECU with plenty of packing material to minimize shock to the unit if the package is dropped accidentally.

6. Use the attached mailing label to send your package to EvoTech USA. You must use the attached label. Any other packages arriving at EvoTech USA without the attached label will be refused by EvoTech USA and returned to the sender.

7. Include a note in the package indicating you are a Mini Mania customer along with your return address and the model / year of your MINI.

8. Ship overnight freight using UPS or FEDEX or similar with an insured value of $1,000.

9. After receiving your upgraded ECU, install in the reverse of the above.

10. Turn the ignition 2 clicks (don't start the car) AND wait 3 minutes. This will allow the system to adjust to the new ECU program.

11. After 3 minutes - start the car and ENJOY!

Address label for your ECU shipment: