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Mini Mania's Short Shift kit is designed to reduce the shifter throw to enable faster gear shifts. This kit installs underneath the car with no need to disassemble the console and shifter inside the car.

The shifter throw is shortened by lengthening the rod between the pivot point of the shifter and the cable. This shortens the throw for the driver, but increases the throw inside the linkage box. This requires the linkage box to be modified to accept the increased throw.

Two areas need to be modified for the increased throw, the bottom dust cover needs to be modified to accept a new aluminum lower box, and the side of the shifter box needs to be notched for clearance. A tube of silicone sealant is included to fully seal the box, if desired.

Some customers have opted to leave off the dust cover as this area under the car is well protected by a full length heat shield.

The Short Shift Kit includes:
* Instructions
* Shifter Extension
* New Dust Cover box
* Silicone Sealant

* This kit requires modification to the factory shifter box and dust cover assembly.
* Working under the car can be dangerous - take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe working environment (including eye/face protection, dust mask, with long sleeves).


1. Lift the car using a lift or jack stands. Make sure the car is secure before you start. Keep in mind, you will need access to the center tunnel.

2. Remove the exhaust system to gain access to the shifter box. (Some aftermarket exhaust systems have a center piece which can be removed for adequate access.)

3. Remove the heat shield along the center tunnel.

4. Carefully remove the bottom cover to the shifter box by releasing the tabs on all four sides.


5. COOPER S ONLY - Cut a notch (1/2 " x 2 7/8") into the side of the shifter box on the drivers side (LHD) towards the rear of the linkage box. (This creates necessary clearance for the shifter extension.)

6. Cut the notch as indicated:

Another view of the slot.

7. COOPER AND COOPER S - In order to accept a modified bottom cover, some of the tabs and structures need to be ground away.

8. Using a dremel tool or die grinder, carefully grind away the protruding slot for the tabs. The goal is to make the surface flat for the new dust cover box.


9. In order to attach the new aluminum dust box, cut the dust cover as indicated:

10. With the dust cover in place as shown above, place the aluminum dust box over the opening.

11. Mark the 4 mounting holes and drill with a 3/32" bit.

12. Remove the dust cover and secure the aluminum box using rivets, or small bolt & nut to match.


13. The Shifter cable is the longer of the two inside the box. Using firm pressure, pull off the cable from the shifter ball joint.

14. Slip the Shifter extension piece over the factory shifter. Using the appropriate allen wrench, secure the shifter extension. You can add a dab of Loc-tite for piece of mind.

15. Re-attach the shifter cable on the extended shifter rod.


16. From inside the car, place the car in Reverse & 6th (or 5th) gear and check clearance.

17. Once adequate clearance is confirmed, you are ready to reassemble.


18. Re-install the modified dust cover, confirm that all the tabs lock in place.

19. Re-install the heatshield and exhaust system.


20. After the car is fully reassembled, check to make sure you can shift into all gears.

21. Now you are ready for a test drive!