Thank you for choosing Mini Mania's Chrome Mirror Covers. The Chrome Mirror Covers simply attach over the existing stock mirrors. Care must be taken to ensure the surface of the stock mirror is clean as possible.

Trial fit the Chrome Mirror Covers to determine the best alignment and to ensure proper fit to your satisfaction. Simply fit the new covers over the existing mirror, check fit, and remove.

Thoroughly clean the surface of the factory side view mirror covers using an industrial cleaner such as 3M 8984, Prepsol or similar degreasing agents.

Remove the protective liner from the double sided tape strips.

Place the Chrome Mirror Covers over the factory mirror, carefully position, and apply vigorous pressure to ensure the double sided tape adheres to the surface.

The fitting is completed.

The adhesives on the double sided tape will cure in about 36 - 48 hours. Keep mirrors away from moisture during this time.