The Mini Mania Website now enables many customers to view all prices in their native currency.    This latest innovative feature of both the Classic and BMW MINI portions of the Website allows you to easily choose the currency you are most familiar with, and makes it easier to appreciate our great prices.   


Currency dropdown boxes are located on the left side of the screen on most pages of the Classic site, and in the top tool bar on the BMW MINI side of our website. When you choose a currency other than US Dollars, the entire page will reflect retail prices in the new currency. As an added feature, the automatically generated shipping cost are also presented in your choice of currency.   


For the first time most of our international customers can know immediately the real cost of both the product and the shipping charges before completing the order. Price conversion calculations are generated using real-time exchange rates, so you have confidence that the price you see is the optimum current rate at all times.