Squeezing a place into history may be a feat unrealized by many, though for data storage firm EMC, they comfortably fit themselves in by earning a Most people crammed into a Mini Cooper, new model Guinness World Records™ record!

Guinness World Records™ Adjudicator Danny Girton Jr. was present during EMC and Pilobolus’ 16 December 2010 record attempt when 26 Pilobolus* performers fit into a standard new model Mini Cooper. Girton Jr. returned 18 January 2011 to commemorate EMC and Pilobolus’ record-setting achievement, with an official certificate presentation during EMC’s new product launch event.

MC Information Infrastructure Products President & COO Pat Gelsinger explained the record attempt as a way to celebrate their brand’s “record-breaking technology.” As part of EMC’s global initiative, the company also set records in London [Largest ball of magnetic tape] and Singapore [Most vinyl records broken in 30 seconds (team)].