Minis and More for the Month of September


            More significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of September.


Update in Australia

1968, September. The Australian Mini Deluxe Auto Mk II was introduced.

Update in Italy

            1968, September. The Innocenti Mini Cooper Mk II was available.

Hopkirk Still Winning

            1969, September. Paddy Hopkirk took 1st in class at the Tour de France in      OBL 45F.

Small Bore Back Down Under

            1975, September. The Australian Minis reverted to the 998cc engine.

Delayed 3rd Mini Meet West Held in Washington

            1976, September. The 3rd Mini Meet West was held in Renton, Washington, at the Sheraton-Renton Inn over Labor Day weekend. The 3rd meet was originally scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, CA, in 1975, but was cancelled.


Fourth Mini Meet West Held in Northern California

            1977, September. The 4th Mini Meet West was held the 3rd, 4th, and 5th in Terra Linda, California.


Fifth Mini Meet West Goes North of the Border

            1978, September. The 5th Mini Meet West was held the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at the Airport Inn in Richmond, B.C., Canada.


Mini City 1000 Introduced

            1980, September. The Mini City 1000 became available.

A Panda of a Different Kind

            1983, September. The South African Mini Panda went on sale. The car featured: Alpine White paint, a Panda decal, white wheel covers, radio/tape combination, twin rear-mounted speakers, rear-mounted telescopic aerial, window air deflectors, twin spot lamps, synthetic sheepskin seat covers front and rear, leather gear shift knob and rubber floor mats front and rear.

Mainstream Cooper Introduced

            1990, September. The “mainstream” Rover Mini Cooper was introduced after the short run of the RSP Coopers finished (started in July 1990).

Island Theme

            1993, September. Another “decal special”, the Mini Tahiti, went on sale. Total production was only approximately 500.



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