More Minis and the Month of July

             More events in the life of the Mini from the month of July – mostly about North American Mini Meets. Note that more Meets than listed were likely held during July, but specific dates have not been found as of this writing.

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Mini in July - Mini Mania

What the 1275GT Should Have Been?

            1973, July. The Austin Mini 1275 GTS went on sale in South Africa. It looks much like the English 1275GT having the Clubman body, but underneath it is very much like a Cooper S in specification and performance.


Second Mini Meet

            1974, July. The second Mini Meet (later to be called Mini Meet West) was held on the 5th, 6th and 7th in Vancouver, B.C.


First “National” Mini Meet

            1984, July. The 1st “national” North American Mini Meet, “East Meets West” was held the 2nd – 6th in Denver, Colorado as a celebration of the Mini’s 25th anniversary. I recently reviewed a video of the event and noticed that not only were we a lot younger and skinnier, but almost everyone drove their cars to the event.


Eleventh Mini Meet West.

            1985, July. The 11th Mini Meet West was held the 5th – 7th at Olympia, Washington.


Mini in July - Mini Mania

Cooper Name Revived

            1990, July. The RSP Rover Mini Cooper went on sale. (Total production: approx 1,650 with 650 of them going to Japan.)


Mini in July - Mini Mania

Celebrating 30 Years

            1994, July. The Mini Cooper Monte Carlo special edition went on sale in celebration of the 1964 Monte Carlo victory.


Mini Meet West Times 27

            2005, July. The 27th Mini Meet West was held the 29th -- 31st at Mt. Diablo, California.


Mini Meet West #29

            2007, July. The 29th Mini Meet West was held the 10th -- 12th at Hood River, Oregon.


Mini Meet East, 31st

2011, July. The 31st Mini Meet East was held the 5th – 8th at Chattanooga, Tennessee.



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