Factory Mirror Covers requires the removal of the stock covers while some of the aftermarket mirror covers are the 'stick-on' type.  These instructions apply to the 'replacement' type mirror covers and do not apply to the 'stick-on' types.

Be aware that some of the Mini models have a 'Powerfold' option.  Mirror covers are different for powerfold models vs. non-powerfold models. Powerfold is an option where the entire mirror housing rotates against the car door when activated. Powerfold option is usually included with the Cold Weather Package. The Mirror switch will have an extra graphic (or an extra button) when the Powerfold option is installed (see photos below).

Image on left is for the Hardtop, Clubman, Convertible, Coupe and Roadster.  Image on the right is for the Countryman and Paceman.


Make sure you have the correct covers before you begin.

We recommend you perform this procedure when the weather is 'mild' allowing the plastic to be less brittle.  The clips holding the housing onto the mirror base can be fragile, so there is less chance of breaking them when the weather is warmer.  At worst case, you can use a hair dryer to warm the housing before you begin.  If you are replacing the covers, maybe this is a 'non-issue'.

Mirror Cover Removal Instructions:

The 'factory instructions' states to simply 'pull' the covers off towards the front of the car.  In some cases, this may work.  But if it doesn't, try the instructions below.

We found these instructions to be the best way to remove the stock covers.

Read thru the instructions before you begin.

  • The first step requires the removal of the mirror glass from the housing.  The mirror glass is held on by plastic clips which should easily release with gentle pressure.
  • Using your fingers, push one side of the mirror all  the way in which will bring the opposite side further out.
  • Place a couple fingers between the mirror glass and housing and gently pull away from the housing.
  • If you have heated mirrors, there will be a couple wires attached to the glass, you don't need to unplug these.  Simply let the mirror glass hang down.
  • Once the mirror glass is removed, you will see 5 openings where the mirror cover clips attach to the base. See the image below:
  • Using a small screwdriver or similar tool, gently release the two clips at the bottom.  In order to prevent damaging the clips, try to pry the sides of the clips and not the middle part where the plastic is very thin.
  • Once you release the bottom clips, you may be able to gently pull the cover off, bottom side first.
  • If the cover doesn't release, pry the 3 upper clips to fully release the cover.
  • Once the cover is released, you should be able to simply slide the new cover into place and the clips should snap into place.
  • Once the cover is installed, you can snap the mirror glass into place with gentle pressure. There should be an audible 'click' when it snaps into place.
Use your hand to make sure the cover is securely on the base and you are all set!