CAP MONITOR predicts the new Mini will have no problem holding its value in the used market. It will have some of the best values in the sector. "It is the Mini's strong image which will assure it of good resale prices in future," said Mark Norman, senior editor of Monitor. "The Mini Cooper is expected to keep 43% of its value, or £4,875 after 3-years with 60,000 miles on the clock. And if it was re-sold after one year and with just 10,000 miles it would be worth 71% of its new price. "But the really desirable used Minis will be the well-specified examples. Only these will fetch the top prices as customer requirements for all the bells and whistles in smaller cars intensifies." This applies doubly for the Mini though, maintains Mark, where owners tend to expect a car with personality - "the extras aren't just seen as luxuries but a way of individualising the vehicle." He feels prestige manufacturers are now appealing to the image-conscious market with smaller cars - which used to be all about economy. "The Mini is ideally placed to appeal to this market - and to people who are moving into smaller cars but don't want to give up the kudos and build quality of some of the bigger marques." PHOTO: Minis in Manchester at last week's dealer launch. This article is copyrighted and courtesy of