Minis and the Month of August


            Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of August.


Engine Size Decided

            1957, August. The production engine size for the Mini was fixed at 848ccs. This was a drop from the early test engines at 948cc. The change (along with others) dropped the top speed from an amazing 90 mph to a little over 70 mph, a much more sensible figure for a “district nurse’s” car.

The Press Gets a Peek

            1959, August. The first official, public showing of the Minis was a press gathering on the 18th and 19th.


Happy Birthday, Mini!

            1959, August. The Austin Seven and Morris Mini Minor in Basic and De-Luxe versions went on sale on the 26th. The Basic cost 500UKP. The De-Luxe (the most popular) sold for 537UKP. The Morris was available in Red, White, or Blue. The Austin in Red, Grey or Blue. The De-Luxe versions (for the extra 37UKP) had such extras as carpets instead of rubber floor mats, a passenger adjustable seat, opening rear side windows, bumper overriders, full width wheel trims and a heater!

Goodbye to the 1071

            1964, August. Production stopped on the Cooper S looked at by some as the best version ever built, the 1071. The last Austin was built on the 13th and last Morris on the 27th.  (Total production: 4,031)

Makinen Sails To a Win

1965, August. Makinen won the 1000 Lakes Rally in AJB 33B.

Polish Rally Falls

            1966, August. Fall won the Polish Rally in GRX 309D  (running as a 970 S).

Makinen Doubles on the Lakes

            1966, August. Makinen won the 1000 Lakes Rally for the second year in a row; this time in JBL 493D.

Hat Trick For Makinen

            1967, August. Makinen won the 1000 Lakes Rally for the third year in a row. GRX 195D was his ride.

Long Ride

            1967, August. Fall, Vernaeve, and Hedges were 1st in class at the 84 Hour Marathon.


Finally, a Synchro On First

            1968, August. The all synchro gearbox was introduced.


First Automatic In Oz Stopped

            1968, August. Australian Mini Deluxe Auto Mark I production stopped. (The Mk II came out in September.)



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