Minis, More February and a Bonus.

            Here are a few more February Mini-related dates. The later years are pretty boring, so I’ve added a few miscellaneous items at the end to make up for all the “decal specials.”


Innocenti Mini Cooper Mk II Out/Mk III In.

            1970. February. Production stopped on the Innocenti Cooper Mk II (total production not known) and the Mk III became available.


Authi Makes An Appearance

            1970. February. The Authi 850cc model is available.


More Innocenti – The 1300

            1972. February. The Innocenti 1300 is in production.


Park Lane

1987. February. The Park Lane limited edition starts at 4,194UKP. (Total production: 4,000.) Black exterior with identifying decals. Not the first nor the last of the tarted up “limited edition” Minis produced in an attempt to keep sales going. Call them marketing exercises.


Red Hot and Jet Black

            1988. February. Red Hot and Jet Black limited editions start at 4,382UKP. (Total production: approx. 6,000.) Red or Black. Tinted windows. Decals. More marketing exercises.


Sky, Rose, Racing and Flame

            1989. February. Sky, Rose, Racing and Flame special editions start. (Total production: Sky/Rose, approx. 1,100; Racing/Flame, approx. 2,000.) Same story. All marketing. No engineering.


Flame Red, Racing Green and Checkmate.

            1990. More decals! The Flame Red, Racing Green and Checkmate are available. (Total Production approx. 2,500.)



1991. February. And February continues to be the month to churn out “decal” specials with the Neon special edition starting. (Total production: approx. 1,500.)



Charles Newton Cooper marries Elsie Pond. Who’s Charles Newton Cooper? John Cooper’s father.



Sometime in the Fall of 1955, Alex Issigonis was asked by Leonard Lord to go to work in the BMC design headquarters as Chief Engineer.


First Production Year Tally

By the end of 1959, 19,749 Minis had been produced.


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