The Mini Coopers in the ever-popular film The Italian Job have been named the all-time top movie cars.

The iconic models in the 1969 movie, starring Michael Caine, came first in a survey of more than 2,000 film fans by Uniroyal tyres.

The computer car KITT from Knight Rider came in at number two, followed closely by James Bond's Aston Martin Vanquish from the 007 film Die Another Day.

The Volkswagen Beetle Herbie 53, also known as the Love Bug, scooped fourth place, while the specially-modified time-travelling De Lorean from Back to the Future was fifth.

Tracey Hyem, brand manager at Uniroyal said: "The survey shows that it's not always actors who are the stars of the show. We were overwhelmed by the number of entries, ranging from top blockbusters to small independent films.

"It shows that Brits are really passionate about their cars and that they are constantly looking for inspiration from movies and television shows."

Source:  The Press Association