Hello Mini lovers!  Christmas spirit is in the air.  To amplify that sprit we asked our forum members to share any Christmas themed Mini photos.  

Here are some of the submissions.  Share your Mini Christmas photo here:


This is the basic decor. I will be putting on about 30 feet of LED lights, and a couple light up Christmas presents in the back window for the holiday lights run in a couple weeks. Carlton was feeling left out when we decorated the house though...so he got a bow. Submitted by:  Dirt4dinner



Carlton's new accessory!  Submitted by: Dirt4dinner




Santa's favorite Elf! Submitted by: RedRiley




This is from a couple years ago, when I had the Hornet, we brought the tree home on the roof rack. We didn't have any snow that year so I photoshopped some.  Submitted by: Swindrum





For this years parade. Submitted by macmanron





I didn't actually bring it home on The Captain but pose it for this photo before dragging the tree indoors. Submitted by: badbarky





My family Christmas card. Submitted by: whitemini




Austin Cooper Wreath

Mark Looman, Ada Michigan 1967 Austin Cooper S. Submitted by: helpmymini




No man has a "complete" set of tools.  Submitted by:  JonM




Christmas Lights on the roof rack - To Compliment the Bow. Simple but flashy!  Submitted by:  jedduh01




Here is Speedy dressed for a community parade.  Submitted by:  GoCasper




And an old one I enjoy this time of year. This was a Christmas display outside the house one year. Submitted by:  GoCasper




Here is My 68 "S" My wife set up the display !! Submitted by:  Mousy




Our former neighbour named Keith MacLeod made this Mini for us after seeing Mr. Bean's Christmas tree episode. He went to Termendous detail with the tree, the rope, the presents and the  driver.  It's signed on the bottom in gold marker.

"Merry Christmas 1995 Cheers KM #1/95"

He only made one. It is a very special part of my Mini collection. Submitted by:  kd




Mini Mania's Mini Christmas





We had to decorate an engine...





And we made our own MINI ornament!