MINI Cooper Magna Guard®  Bonnet Stripes Installation Instructions:


1.      Make sure that hood is clean, dry, and perfectly protected with a good quality wax.

2.      Make sure that stripes are dust free prior to installation.

3.      Position stripes even with rear edge of hood.  Allow ½ inch from windshield washer nozzles and 9 inches from center of Mini crest.

4.      Do not allow water to be trapped under stripes.  Remove before washing vehicle and after exposure to rain.

5.      Dry and store stripes flat or on a magnetic, vertical surface (refrigerator, tool box) when not in use.

6.      Stripes may be trimmed with scissors to fit early (non-BMW) Minis.


Installation Tip:

The stripes will better conform to the curve of the hood (bonnet) if applied warm.