On August 3rd, MINI of Grand Rapids organized an attempted world record breaking meeting of the MINIs!  848 cars crossed the Mackinac Bridge!  Below are some photos and experiences from participants:

As the owner of two MINIs and one Mini, this was actually my (our) first MINI event. Let me tell you, it was awesome! The amount of MINIs there, all 848.5, was amazing. I can’t say I have seen anywhere near that number of MINIs in one location. And the saying that no two are alike is no lie! We didn’t see two that were the same. This event is something that all MINI owners should experience and I am hoping they try for a repeat in 2015 so we can beat the record we went there to beat!

Here are a couple of pictures of the MINIs on the Mack event:



View in the rear view mirror the line of MINIs from the 2005 Cooper S


View crossing the bridge from the 2005 Cooper S

Our three MINI family….the 2005 Cooper S is fitted with Mini Mania’s front and rear chrome lower grills and the classic is wearing the 4 new tires we just purchased from Mini Mania to ensure a safe trip to and from this event!



We had a fantastic time at the MOTM event!  Great location, Great people, Great MINIs!  We brought all three of our MINIs (Cooper S, Countryman, and our 1972 Classic).  It was incredible to see so many MINIs and every single car was totally unique!  MINI owners certainly know how to express their individuality!  It was particularly nice to see so many people smile when they saw our classic.  I think "Gramps" made a lot of people happy.  We actually just bought four new tires for Gramps from Mini Mania right before driving up to Mackinaw.  Safety first!!!  Hope to do this again.

Dave S.