MINI & Rolls Royce "Goodwood" Revealed

It’s been years in the making but a special edition MINI co-developed by MINI Yours and Rolls Royce will be unveiled next month. We’ve held information on the car close to the vest for quite awhile but with the recent leak of the debut date (the Shanghai Auto Show) we thought it appropriate to give you a little tease.

While Rolls Royce is building a MINI, it would appear that full production is still up in the air. A MINI spokesperson who confirmed that a Rolls MINI had been produced and is being considered but is still not been approved for production.

Apparently there has been one Rolls MINI already created for the famous Park Lane MINI dealership in London that could give us a glimpse into what the car could be if it goes into production. A member at did managed to snap a few photos, like the one seen above. You can see all of the photos below. However we would stress that this is not the Rolls Royce MINI that we’ve been told about.
1993 25th Anniversary Ming Blue Rolls Royce Corniche - Mini Mania Inc.
Through several sources we have discovered that the new Roll Royce won’t be a package but a limited edition model consisting of bespoke interior items including custom dash, headliner and other signature Rolls items. The exterior color will be Ming Blue first used by Rolls in 1992 on a special 25th anniversary Rolls-Royce Corniche IV of which only 25 were produced. These special edition MINIs will be extremely limited and, while we can’t currently confirm, the special edition MINI is expected to cost in excess of $50,000. Not bad, if you ask us, considering the exclusivity and high quality craftsmanship that Rolls Royce is known for.

It’s not hard to imagine what Rolls could do with the MINI by looking at their latest creation the Silver Ghost. And to some degree it makes sense with both MINI and Rolls being owned by BMW AG. However, how all of this is marketed will be the big question.

If you are interested (at least in the idea) let you dealers know as MINI has instructed them to start taking names and deposits for the very first cars with the Rolls name attached to them. Look for more on this ultra luxury edition of the MINI

MINI will roll-out the next of it’s high-end limited edition models with the help of Rolls Royce Motor Cars. Few details have made their way out of either Munich Germany or Goodwood England (Rolls’ headquarters). But that’s not to say we don’t have some of the basics down. For starters the car will feature Ming Blue exterior paint with ultra soft leather and high gloss plastic on much of the interior surfaces. More specifically look for a custom dash, headliner and other signature items. The images seen earlier in the year showed much if this on an earlier test mule. While the final trim and specifications have changed slightly, we expect the car to carry on much the way we see it in the photos above.

However there is one big piece of information we haven’t pried from our sources yet; what the cars final name will be. For obvious reasons using the Rolls Royce brand name doesn’t really make sense on the MINI platform. But what could BMW use that harkens to all of the history, pomp and circumstance that the RR conjures up? Our sources are telling us the answer will be Goodwood.

The name is synonymous with high class motor cars for a couple of reasons. For one the Goodwood Revivial and the Goodwood Festival of Speed are both some of the biggest events on the UK’s motoring calendar every year. But more importantly Goodwood is the home of all Rolls Royce design, engineering and manufacturing.

So we have a name, we have a general spec. What about price? We know from early sources that the car should be priced around well above any current MINI in stock form. We’ve even heard $50,000 isn’t out of the question for what has to be called the ultimate (not the fastest mind you) factory MINI ever made.

We expect the Goodwood MINI to debut in early 2010 with sales beginning in the spring if all goes well. And unlike the WC50 US sales seem to be very much part of the plan.

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