MINI Cooper Turbocharger Replacement and Upgrade Options From JM Turbo Coopers

Mini Mania has an excellent range of of bolt-on Turbo units available, from straight OEM factory replacements through to high performance Race and Track applications. Here are some great alternatives to consider when replacing or upgrading your Turbo on the 2nd generation, 2007-2014 Cooper S and JCW models.

Even in stock form the turbocharged 2nd generation MINI Cooper S and JCW models produce a substantial increase of power and torque over the normally aspirated Cooper models. The good news is that there is huge upside power potential in the base design of these amazing engines. 

Factory Turbochargers
Factory replacement Twin Scroll Turbochargers.
If you need to replace your turbo, this is the MINI factory replacement unit.

MINI Cooper Turbo

Aftermarket Turbochargers 

Quick Spool Turbo Upgrades for your 2007+ Cooper S and JCW!
Although the factory turbo does a splendid job of forced induction for the Cooper S, there IS room for improvement. These Turbo upgrades are based on the K03 Turbo with emphasis on 'Quick Spool' for faster response. Very streetable with good response.

MINI Cooper TurboCharger

Quick Spool Turbo Upgrade with Porting for your 2007+ Cooper S! 

This turbocharger delivers outstanding response with torque and power gains across the entire power-band and the 42mm design gives you extra boost at the top end when you need it most. If you are looking for an extreme street upgrade that delivers full race performance this is the turbo for you. It will deliver great torque, spool early, and last long. For race applications we recommend one of our aftermarket exhaust systems which will allow this turbo to reach its full potential.
 MINI Cooper Turbo Porting

The Billet GT Dominator Extreme performance Turbo for Race and Track applications.  
These advanced units are high flow, direct bolt-on K04 models  where the requirement is for huge power gains and high torque from the mid-range through to the top-end. Available in Ported and Non-Ported versions. More details of these advanced units are available here.

MINI Cooper Turbo Options

  • 47mm Turbo GT Dominator High Boost MINI Cooper S  ( 2007 - 2014 )
  • 47mm Turbo GT Dominator,Fully Ported High Boost MINI Cooper S ( 2007 - 2014 )

 Go here for an excellent article covering some of the technologies involved in an 'upgraded' turbocharger and why they result in improved performance.