MINI Cooper Strut Tower Brace Plates Installation Instructions
The combination of MINI's short suspension travel and the inadequate rigidity of the front suspension strut towers make the MINI susceptible to strut tower deformation (also known as 'mushrooming') when hitting severe potholes. These reinforcement plates add rigidity to the strut towers to minimize this deformation. If you live in an area where the roads are a little 'rough' - these are a must-have!


2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and S Convertibles

Installation Guide

Parts included are:
1 ea Right Defender Plate
1 ea Left Defender Plate
6 ea Hex Nuts
6 ea Small Washers
6 ea Large Washers
6 ea Custom Bolt Adapters

Tools Required are:
Torque Wrench
Socket Wrench
9/16” Deep Socket
7/8” Socket
1/2” Socket

Installation Instruction

1. Remove 3 factory nuts from the top of each strut tower using your ½” socket and wrench

2. Drop one of the small washers onto each of the exposed bolts.

3. Twist the included bolt adapters onto the protruding bolts on the two strut towers.

4. Use the deep 9/16 socket and torque wrench to tighten the adapters to 25 FT/LBS.

5. Notice the left and right plates are different; the logo will be on the windshield side.

6. Line up the plate with the adapter closest to the windshield and slide it down ¼ inch.

7. Turn the plate to line up the other two holes and press straight down.

8. Drop one of the large washers on top of the plate around each bolt.

9. Notice that the hex nuts have one flat and one concave side; use them flat side down for steps 10 and 11.

10. Use the 7/8” socket to torque the hex nuts to 25 FT/LBS.

11. Repeat process on the opposite strut tower.