Great Performance Upgrades for Your Gen. 2 MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper Oil Catchcan

MINI Cooper Oil Catch Can
Filter out the performance-robbing oil mist in your crankcase vent system!
This oil mist creates an oil film in critical places throughout the engine -- such as the intercooler -- where clean surfaces are critical to maximized heat transfer and on your MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) where the film will cause the sensor to send a false signal to your ECU killing performance. 

MINI Cooper Digital Multifunction Gauge Kit

MINI Cooper Digital Multifunction Gauge Kit
Connect with your car in an entirely new way.  Sporting features available in products 3x the price, this is a Swiss Army knife of performance data, with design and integration that won't spoil the clean lines of your interior.
Reads all data directly including boost for boosted engines directly from the diagnostics port for fast plug and play install.
Includes Boost/Vac, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp, Intake Air Temp, EGT(not all models), Throttle Plate, Speed, RPM with Shift-light, Battery voltage, AFR, Oil Temp and more!

MINI Cooper Coil Overs

MINI Cooper Coil Overs 
Engineered for Street use, they feature state of the art mono-tube gas shocks.
Unlike traditional twin-tube shock absorbers, these H&R Coil Overs feature a state-of-the-art mono-tube gas shock construction. 

MINI Cooper Sway Bards

MINI Cooper Sway Bars
Perfectly formed to provide an unmatched level of precision fitment and performance.
Front and Rear available separately
These Sway Bars are crafted from a special 50CrV4 steel alloy –– the highest tensile strength available and the industry’s strongest and most durable. The true consistency of this special alloy guarantees smooth transitions in sway bar function. 
A unique feature of H&R sway bars are the machined-like forged ends. H&R sway bars come equipped with exclusive Urethane/Teflon composite bushings featuring a molded-in fabric-like material that requires no maintenance or lubrication, and eliminates squeaking. 

MINI Countryman Lift Kit

MINI Countryman & Paceman Lift Kit
Give your R60 Countryman and R61 Paceman the proper look with this 2" (50mm) Lift Kit. 
Engineered for durability and precision machined for quality.
Engineered using 3D modeling software and finite element stress analysis ensuring proper fitment and fail safe performance.
Precision CNC machined from billet aluminum blocks.
Light weight design
Gold anodized for corrosion protection and a beautiful high-value appearance.
Designed for easy bolt-on installation