Mirror Caps and Covers for MINI Cooper

Mirror Caps & Covers add tons of personality to your MINI Cooper!  We offer both OEM and aftermarket caps and covers in various colors, style and designs.  When selection mirror caps or covers for your MINI please pay special attention to the difference in covers for power fold mirrors and non-power fold.  Return policy, warranty, ships from the US. 

Choose Your MINI Cooper

Mirror Caps for:
Hatchback Non-S ('02-'06), R52 Convertible S & Non-S ('05-'08), R53 Hatchback S ('02-'06)

Mirror Caps for:
R55 Clubman S & Non-S ('08-'14), R56 Hatchback S & Non-S ('07-'13), R57 Convertible S & Non-S ('09-'15), R58 Coupe S & Non-S ('12-'15), R59 Roadster S & Non-S ('12-'15), R60 Countryman S & Non-S ('11-'16), R61 Paceman S & Non-S ('13-'16)

Mirror Caps for:
F54 Clubman S & Non S (2016+), F55 4D Hatchback S & Non-S (2015+), F56 Hatchback S & Non-S (2014+), F57 Convertible S & Non-S (2016+), F60 Countryman S & Non-S (2017+)