Who is KONI?

The KONI name is synonymous with high performance shock absorbers. Since 1857 KONI has been producing equipment for the transportation industry. Those 150+ years of experience have made KONI the industry leader with a reputation for cutting-edge application-specific products. Ultimate vehicle control and performance is now attainable thanks to KONI’s laser-like singularity of focus on providing the world with high quality shock absorbers. 

mini cooper koni shocks

This focus led KONI to develop three distinct types of shock absorbers to account for the unique dampening needs of each vehicle. KONI designs and engineers shock absorbers around twin tube low pressure gas, twin tube hydraulic, and mono tube high pressure gas technologies.

Performance Designations

“Special” – Improve your vehicles comfort level and handling.

“Sport” – Aimed at performance levels of road handling.

Made To Be Tuned

KONI shock absorbers are made to be tuned. You can adjust your KONI’s to your exact preference of comfort and road handling performance. This kind of adjustability means that you can compensate for wear to maximize performance over the entire life of your shocks.

Better Than Spec

Before you’ve even gotten to install your KONI shock absorbers, they’ve already been designed specifically to your vehicles needs. KONI fine-tunes the design to match your vehicle’s characteristics to a level typically even beyond the factory originals.

mini cooper koni shocks

 With You For Life

Odds are, your KONI shocks will outlive whatever vehicle you put them on! As long as you own your car, KONI wants you to know that they’ve got your shocks covered. A lifetime warranty covers the original purchaser.