MINI Cooper Quad Light Bracket installation intructions

  1. Mark the center “L” bracket location on the bumper and trim the plastic lip about a ¼” down so that it is flush with the bumper top. Then mark the bolt location on the backside of the aluminum bumper support. Drill a 9/32 hole. In some cases the bumper cover and aluminum support must be removed or use a self taping screw (not supplied) instead of the supplied hardware. Because of tight access, small dremels also work for pre-drilling.
  1. Mount the left and right brackets using the factory 13mm bolts. Trim bumper edge also.
  1. Mount the center bracket to the bottom of the radius bar with supplied allen bolt and nylon locker nut. Then mount the radius bar to the top of the left and right brackets with the supplied allen bolts and locker nuts. Tighten the center bumper support bolt.   Mount all lights and wire.
  1. You must use the center bracket or you will damage the end brackets from fatigue.