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Mini Mania's Cooper S Cold Air Intake Kit is designed to improve the airflow into the supercharger by replacing the factory air filter and modifying the air box for greater efficiency. This kit requires the removal of the factory air box cover and air filter.

The S Cold Air Intake Kit includes:
* Instructions
* Airbox Heat Shield with coupler
* K&N Air Filter Element
* Clamp, screws & washers


1. Turn the ignition OFF and disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable.

2. Using a pair of pliers, unclip the stock hose clamp on the intake snorkel at the air box.

3. Pull the stock intake snorkel off the air box.

4. Locate the battery terminal on the left side of the air box - remove by pulling upward.

5. Loosen the two bolts on the front of the air box.

6. Slide the air box cover backwards, then pull upward to remove.

7. Remove the factory air filter element.


8. Locate the two bulkhead bolts located near the battery terminal, just to the left of the air box.

9. Remove the upper bolt and loosen the lower bolt.

10. Place the Mini Mania air box heat shield and position with the coupler towards the front of the car, and the curved edge on top.

11. Attach the new heat shield to the bulkhead by sliding the lower flange over the lower bulkhead bolt, and insert the upper bulkhead bolt from step 9 - do not tighten yet.

12. Using the two #10 screws with washers, attach the front edge of the new heat shield to the front of the lower air box.

13. Tighten the bulkhead bolts and front edge screws.

14. If the aluminum coupler installed on the heat shield is loose, loosen the set screws and make the coupler fit snug on the heat shield.

15. With the hose clamp on the collar of the air filter element, hold the filter inside the heat shield and slide the filter over the aluminum coupler. Tighten the hose clamp

16. Attach the intake snorkel to the aluminum filter coupler outside the heat shield and secure the clamp.

17. Attach the battery terminal to the new clip on the heat shield.

18. Re-attach the negative battery cable.


19. Check that all screws and clamps are tight.

20. Check to make sure battery terminal is secure in its new location.

21. Check for any loose tools in the engine compartment.

22. Gently close the bonnet to make sure there are no obstructions.

23. Close bonnet when all clear!