Win a $25 Gift certificate - "Just for the fun of it!" - Winter Photo Contest MiniMania logo

Have a great photo of your MINI in some radical weather? Blowing through some larger-than-life snowdrift? Zipping along a mountain road or alpine village at sunset? Well, send it in!

Send us a picture of your beloved MINI in winter-time conditions and we will enter you in a bi-monthly drawing for a $25.00 gift certificate!
Your picture will be posted in the Customer Gallery of our Website for all to see. Our special team of judges will determine the best and award a $25.00 Mini Mania Gift Certificate to the proud owner every 2 weeks. Hurry, get your name in the fishbowl, send it now!

Now a few Rules: While we prefer you to have ownership of the photo (and grant us the right to use it on our Website), the Mini itself does not have to be yours. We ask that you provide us your name, complete address, phone number and E-mail address, and limit it to 5 photos max per email. E-mail all pictures to [email protected], picture size is not critical, but remember if it is too small(below 5k), we won't be able to see it and it's too big(over 5MB), it might not even get through the e-mail system. Subject line of the e-mail should be "Just for the fun of it"..